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Online Safety Update

How to Protect Children from Online Harm

The Marie Collins Foundation and The NWG Network have put together a short article which I'm sure many parents will find useful. Covered within the article are:

  • What is online harm?
  • How is it different from exploitation offline?
  • How do offenders target young people online?
  • What can I do
  • and more.

This is a good article to send out to parents via email, social media etc. and you can find it HERE.

My Family's Digital Toolkit

Internet Matters have done it again, this time a personalised online safety toolkit they can use at home. By answering a few simple questions they can get age-specific advice, learn about popular apps, information on how to deal with any concerns and also tools to support their interests and wellbeing. Another good one to send out to parents which you can find HERE.