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Pupil Premium and Recovery Premium

2021 - 2022


This year every school is also receiving RECOVERY PREMIUM FUNDING to help children close the gaps linked to the impact of the pandemic.


Objectives to achieve this are within this year's PUPIL PREMIUM STRATEGY.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2020 - 2021

Granby Junior Pupil Premium Statement 2020-2021

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement for 2019 - 2020

2018-2019 Strategy and Review

Granby Junior School Pupil Premium Statement 2017-18


The Government believes that Pupil Premium is the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for free school meals (FSM) and children who are not. It is also used to support pupils who have been adopted, who are ‘looked after’ or who have parents in the armed forces. At Granby Junior School our strategy is to support pupils within their cohorts rather than create individual budgets for each child. We feel that this strategy significantly enhances our capacity to support children with barriers to their learning.


At Granby Junior, we are committed to ensuring that each individual pupil receives the very best education, allowing them to reach their full potential, both academically and socially. Granby Junior School targets the funding at closing the attainment gaps between learners. We recognise that “closing the gap” in education not only means providing support and accelerated learning opportunities for pupils not on track, but also a variety of other opportunities and experiences that consider the whole child and help them develop their full potential. We also recognise that not all pupils in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant are disadvantaged and some pupils who are not in receipt of this grant are disadvantaged. We see pupils as individuals.

Our aim is to further diminish any gaps between disadvantaged pupils and their non-disadvantaged peers by ensuring that all pupils have every opportunity to achieve their true potential in all aspects of school life. We have high aspirations for all pupils. By removing barriers to learning, we can give these pupils the confidence and skills needed to achieve in their educational journey and beyond.

Our strategy for the use of Pupil Premium is based on a whole-school ethos of attainment for all, addressing behaviour and attendance issues promptly, providing high quality teaching for all, meeting individual learning needs and deploying staff effectively. Through clear, responsive leadership, which is data driven and responds to evidence, the strategies and interventions are reviewed. We build upon successful practise from previous strategies as well as looking at innovative and successful practices from other settings.


This is reflected in our school vision of: Educating children for life by creating a secure, happy, caring and positive learning environment within which all our children can celebrate success and achieve their true potential

Pupil Premium Statement 2016-17

Pupil Premium 2016-17

Allocation £130,660


Our goal is to increase the number of FSM children making more than expected progress so that not only their progress is in line with non-FSM but also the gap in attainment decreases too.

To see a more detailed description of the spending and the associated impact see attachment below.


Pupil Premium per pupil

Disadvantaged pupils;
Pupils in Year Groups 3 to 6 recorded as Ever 6 FSM: £1,300
Looked After Children (LAC)
LAC and Children adopted from care under the Adoption and Children Act 2002 1 and children who have left care under a Special Guardianship or Residence Order: £1,900
Service children
Pupils in Year Groups 3 to 6 recorded as Ever 4 Service Child or in receipt of a child pension from the Ministry of Defence: £300

Pupil Premium Proposed Spend 2016-17

Pupil Premium Actual Spend 2015-16

Impact Statement to follow shortly..........................

Pupil Premium Statement 2014-2015, including projected spending for 2015-2016


In the academic year 2013/14 we received £110,389 and used the pupil premium to:

•               Provide a breakfast club

•               Provide one to one tuition

•               Provide group intervention led by a teaching assistant for reading, writing and maths

•               Run a Nurture group 4 afternoons a week

•               Run Positive play sessions 4 afternoons a week

•               Provide Nurture support during midday break

•               Subsidise trips and residential visit places

•               Subsidise after school activities

•               Subscribe to a reading support software programme and provide sessions at least twice a week

•               Provide an enhanced curriculum by investing in workshops provided as part of the Ilkeston                          Festival

•               Provide an enhanced curriculum by providing extra curricular activities as part of our Granby                      Academy each Friday

•               Enhance the school premises by investing in a complete refurbishment programme from 2012-                 2014 which will renovate classrooms and our school hall

•               Invest in 48 iPads (12 per year group) to enhance the curriculum




Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.