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School Funds

Granby Junior School is committed to ensuring that we comply with our responsibilities under the County Councils Financial Regulations and this involves being transparent about the way in which we spend money which has been raised or paid for by the parents of the children in our school.  


Our PTA (FROGS) raise money through annual events such as our Summer and Christmas Fairs.  Money raised from these events are used to provide activities for the children which the school would not otherwise be able to afford.  At present events which are funded by the PTA include the Annual Pantomime (usually in January) and a school production (usually taking place in September/October).  These performances are currently performed by M&M productions and have been thoroughly enjoyed by the children.    This September the performance formed part of our writing assessments.  Our PTA Fund is run by two parents of the school independently of the school; Mrs D J Selwood (Chair of PTA) and Mrs S Till (Treasurer).  Both Mrs Selwood and Mrs Till are signatories on this account.  If you would like a copy of the accounts for this fund these can be requested via the school office or by emailing


Our Private School Fund enables us to operate an income and expenditure account for school trips and (where contributions have been received by parents and cheques paid out to coach companies and places of interest).  The fund is also used to reimburse staff for purchases made towards providing the activities which we provide during our Granby Academy (in particular for cookery, quilling and DT).  Signatories on this account include; Mrs Rees (Headteacher), Mrs Lilley (Deputy Head) and Mrs Andrews (Business Manager).  The account is co-ordinated by the school's Business Manager and a copy of the accounts for this fund can be requested via the school office or by emailing