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School Funds

Granby Junior School is committed to ensuring that we comply with our responsibilities under the County Councils Financial Regulations and this involves being transparent about the way in which we spend money which has been raised or paid for by the parents of the children in our school.  


Our Private School Fund account is used bank money that has been raised for school, through annual events such as the summer fair and christmas fair. Money raised from these events are used to provide the children with activities such as the annual pantomine.

The school also uses this account to collect for charity days such as Red Nose Day etc. The amount is then sent on to the charity.


The fund is also used to reimburse staff for purchases made towards providing the activities which we provide during our Granby Academy (in particular for cookery, quilling and DT).  


Signatories on this account include; Mrs Rees (Headteacher), Miss Slater (Business Manager) and Mrs Green (Finance Officer).

The account is co-ordinated by the school's Business Manager and a copy of the accounts for this fund can be requested via the school office or by emailing