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Parent Voice Survey


Thank you for the 61 responses to our Parent Voice Survey which asked for your thoughts and opinions on the PE provision here at Granby.


Here are several key points which were highlighted from your responses and how we have addressed or how we plan to address them:

Q3) The majority of responses indicated that adults at home did not think they had access to enough information about our PE provision and found it hard to know what our pupils do on a weekly basis in their PE lessons. Please now find a copy of our school timetable, which shows the two lessons per week each year group has access to, on our newly re-located PE noticeboard just inside the front doors to reception!

Q4) It was lovely to see that the wesbite is used by a large percentage of parents to access information about sports and PE. However, this result highlighted that parents were not using the PE noticeboard, which was due to the fact that it was displayed within our school’s main corridor and was therefore not visible to parents visiting reception. The display board has now been moved to directly inside the school’s main doors. Please have a look next time you visit to find lots of information and photos showing what we have been up to so far this year!

Q5) It has been highlighted that many of our parents would like us to expand the range of after-school clubs offered. The top three requested clubs were:

  • dodgeball
  • basketball
  • gymnastics

We will be holding discussions with Central Soccer and staff to investigate whether it is possible to offer any of these clubs in the coming weeks.


JUNE 2018 UPDATE: Miss Robinson will be offering a Dodgeball Club in Aut 1 of the next academic year for Y4/5/6, before picking the girl's netball team back up in Spring 2 when the weather should be fine again :) Please keep an eye out for letters during the first week back in September if your child is interested in this!

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