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A typical school day

A typical school day


  • The school day begins 8.55 am;
  • Lunchtime is from 12.15 to 1.15pm;
  • The school day ends at 3.25 pm;
  • Our school gates open at 8.40am. Please do not send your child or children to school before this time;
  • We like to encourage and promote children’s independence at junior school so we ask that parents leave their child/children at the playground gates and that they do not enter the playground in the mornings;
  • At home time, we are happy for parents to meet children in the playground as this avoids congestion on the pavements. It is also an opportunity to greet and talk to the class teacher.

The first day....


The first day of school is a little different to make it easier for the children to settle in and to adjust to the new routines:


  • Please arrive for 8.55am;
  • Parents and children will be asked to come to the hall where the children’s teachers will be able to collect them;
  • You may collect your child from the playground at 3.20pm  (please note that children in Year 3 finish five minutes earlier than other year groups during the first two weeks in order to help them to settle in);
  • The school gates are opened to parents at 3.15pm .

School meals


Children can either have a school meal or bring in sandwiches from home. School meals are served and eaten in the hall, with a range of choices available each day including fruit and salad. Children who bring in a packed lunch eat this in the classroom nominated for their year group.


All children eat their school meal or sandwiches in a year group sitting. In order to be fair, the sittings are organised on a rota basis which changes weekly. Children are advised of the sitting for their year group by their teacher/the mid-day supervisor. This information is also posted on the Notices Board in the hall.