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Eco - Committee

Second place for best school garden in the Erewash in Bloom competition. Bigs thanks to the Eco committee and all the volunteers! 
Mr Black is in the process of fitting Hippo Bags to all of the toilets in the school. They reduce the amount of water being released when the toilet flushes by almost 2 litres and should save the school thousands of litres of water a week! 
All our hard work planting bulbs has payed off. The school has burst into life with beautiful flowers everywhere!
Thanks a lot Dorris! Donations in the form of a new greenhouse welcome. 
Some of our summer plants have gone to bed for the winter in our new greenhouse. See you next year! 
Preparation for next year has begun! We've got 600 mixed bulbs to plants so better get busy! 
Harvest time! We have harvested the last of this season's fruit and veg and want to share with anyone who's hungry! Grab and handful if you're at the Macmillan coffee morning!

The Eco committee are very busy sowing seeds and preparing bedding plants. Keep your eyes peeled around school for any new additions!

School Eco survey!


we recently carried out a survey of the school and it has given us plenty of ideas and ares to work on! We are all looking forward to the challenges ahead and all feel motivated to make Granby more eco friendly! 


Friday 25th September 2015


Eco-committee are back! 


Today we celebrated the 'Eat the streets' campaign which aims to bring freshly grown fruit and vegetables to the local community. We were extremely proud to be able offer a range of fruits and vegetables from runner beans to conference pears. We also had a wonderful variety of freshly cut herbs.