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We received £9283 for the Sports premium last year.


This has been used to:

  • Fund membership of the Erewash Sports Partnership.  This membership enables us to enter a number of local sports competitions, provides a sports coach to run an after school club for a term, provides our upper key stage 2 pupils to become Sports Ambassadors and lead activities on the playground, upskills our PE Co-ordinator and enables all members of staff to access training.  The Partnership enables us to meet other PE Co-ordinators and build up contacts to ensure collaboration across the schools.  The membership has also allowed our gifted and talented pupils to develop their skills through organised activities at Derby University. 
  • Invest in extra swimming sessions for Year 6.
  • To release our qualified swimming instructor during the afternoons to take and lead a group at Victoria Park Leisure Centre.   
  • Invest in the CyberCoach - a web based short activity session held for 10 minutes per day to increase pupil participation and exercise.  The school council were involved in the purchase of this programme and voted for it to be added to the school day.  
  • To purchase OAA and C2C scheme of work to structure the delivery of PE in the curriculum and support staff confidence.
  • Purchase of PE equipment to support the PE in general, OAA scheme of work, Granby Academy activities and lunchtime play.
  • To provide supply cover to release our PE co-ordinator for sports events (TAG Rugby, Sports Hall Athletics, Orienteering, Gifted and Talented days and Erewash Sports Partnership briefings).
  • To provide an extra swimming teacher for 2 terms to release our qualified swimming instructor for leadership activities.
  • Mark out netball court on the school playground to assist with training our netball team and increase participation.
  • To map out the school site for orienteering.  

See attached document for specific costings and impact.