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Music Wider Opportunities 2023/2024


The Model Music Curriculum states that children should learn to play an instrument as part of a whole-class instrumental programme supported by teachers from their local Music Education Hub. As part of our music curriculum, Year 4 have the opportunity to learn how to play the Clarinet. These lessons are provided by a specially trained music teacher, who comes into our school on a Tuesday afternoon. For the clarinet lessons, the children are loaned an instrument from the Derbyshire Music Hub and also have the opportunity to take them home each week. For your child to be able to take the instrument home, you will have to complete the relevant loan paper work.



Each Year 4 class will undertake this opportunity at different points in the academic Year. 

Autumn Term - 4SB

Spring Term - 4Sh

Summer Term - 4Ma


These lessons provide the children/the school the following benefits;

  • Self-confidence | Pupils are taught within a normal classroom situation where their self-confidence grows as they learn alongside each other and their teachers.
  • Skills | Pupils develop their musical skills in a creative way, participating in rhythm games and singing and learning to play instruments.
  • Shared success | Performances are planned into the programme, giving parents the opportunities to share in their children's success.
  • Training | Class teachers get 'in house' professional development which augments and supports music provision in school. 
  • Continued learning | There is the opportunity to continue instrumental tuition after the programme has ended.