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Summer 1 - Misty Mountain Winding River

This project teaches children about the characteristics and features of rivers and mountain ranges around the world, including a detailed exploration of the ecosystems and processes that shape them and the land around them.

Books we are reading linked to our topics;

For Summer 1, we are reading the following books for our guided reading sessions and our class reads.

Guided Reading

Text: The Rhythm of the Rain 

Author: Grahame Baker-Smith

Genre: Fictional non-fiction narrative 


Issac plays in his favourite pool on the mountainside. As rain starts to fall, he empties his little jar of water into the pool and races the sparkling streams as they tumble over waterfalls, rush through swollen rivers and burst out into the vast open sea.

Where will my little jar of water go now? Issac wonders. On the other side of the world, Cassi welcomes the rain to her parched village . . .

From tiniest raindrop to deepest ocean, this breathtaking celebration of the water cycle captures the remarkable movement of water across the earth in all its majesty.


Guided Reading

Text: The River - An epic journey to the sea

Author: Hanako Clulow

Genre: Lyrical Narrative (poem form)


Follow a little fish on her epic journey downriver as she travels out into the unknown. With stunning artwork from Hanako Clulow, a lyrical narrative and a magical 'swimming fish' on every page, this is a book to treasure and revisit time and again.