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Competitions and events 2016-17:

Please be aware that dates, times and venues may change.


26th September: Young Ambassadors meeting at Kirk Hallam, 4-5.30pm.

6th October: Y5/6 boys football at Kirk Hallam, 4-6pm. The boys achieved the second highest number of points after three teams drew for first place! Well done to all who played.

7th October: KS2 Hockey Festival at Rutland Sports Park, 9.30-11.30am. A fantastic morning of learning new skills in a sport not many of our pupils had experienced before :)

7th October: KS2 cross country at St John Houghton, 1-3pm. Our Y3/4 team achieved GOLD and some of our runners received medals for their personal place in the races! Well done to everyone who took part!

13th October: Y5/6 girlsfootball at Kirk Hallam, 4-5.30pm. The girls were awarded a sportsmanship trophy for their fantastic, smiley approach to each of their matches!

7th November: Primary Gifted and Talented event at Derby University, 10-2pm.

15th November: KS2 Badminton Festival at Rutland Sports Park, 1-3pm. Everyone learnt new skills and had huge smiles on their faces with only a couple of minor racket injuries!

25th January: Young Ambassadors meeting at OIEA, 4-5.30pm.

30th January: KS2 Dodgball Festival at Long Eaton, 4-5.30pm. A fab evening of fun activities and matches, well done to everyone who attended and to our parents who gave our pupils lifts there!

10th March: High 5 Netball competition at Kirk Hallam, 3.45-5.30pm. A brilliant evening of fast-paced netball games. Granby's two teams won 5 matches collectively and all our girls did us proud! A huge progression in both skill and confidence since last year's competition!!

4th April: Swimming Gala at Ilkeston Victoria Park LC , 9.30-11.30am. Granby came 7th and brought home the Sportsmanship Award! Everyone enjoyed it!

24th May: Young Ambassadors meeting at St John Houghton, 4-5.30pm.

20th June: Y4 Multi-sports, 10-12pm AND District Sports, 1-3pm at Rutland Sports Park. A lovely morning of activities for our Y4s! In the District Sports this year, Granby qualified for 6 of the finals and we came 7th overall. Everyone tried their best and enjoyed themselves! We are proud of all our participants. Well done everyone!

3rd July: Sports Day, 1.30pm at Abbotsford Playing Fields. Well done to the Blue team for achieving the highest number of points!

10th July: Primary Gifted and Talented event at Derby University, 10-2pm.

20th July: Whole-school Dodgeball Event, all day.


Whole School Dodgeball Competition!

Following the success of last year's event, Granby has once again taken part in a day of dodgeball in order to raise money for school funds. Before the start of the six weeks holidays, all classes split into three teams, with Y3 playing against Y4 teams and Y5 playing against Y6. The level of competition was high and it was a great, fun-filled day. Our Sports Ambassadors were fantastic at organising and officiating the morning's matches-a HUGE thank you is owed to them! Well done to the three pupils who raised the highest amount of donations and received a prize in our end-of-year-awards assembly and thank you to everyone who brought money in to help contribute towards a new bike/scooter rack for school! The total was reaching close to £1000 at the last count! There are a few photos of our competition below.

Gifted and Talented Day at Derby University, July 2017!

Well done to the Blue team!

Granby Swimming Gala Team! 4th April 2017 :)

High 5 Netball Competition-Friday 10th March!

Team Building:

Each Friday, different groups of pupils continue to take part in team building and OAA activities as part of 'Granby Academy'. This Spring, we are beginning to explore orienteering activities following the installation of our very own course! Have a look at our sessions below:

Sports Ambassadors! 2016-17:

This year, we are lucky enough to have three pupils from Y6 who represent our school in local meetings throughout the year. Our Ambassadors promote sport and sporting behaviour within our school, will also be leading lunchtime activities and will be helping staff referee and run competitions. We are keeping an eye out over the next few weeks whilst we look for potential Y5 candidates to fill our spare post! :)


During one of this year's meetings, our ambassadors experienced some paralympic activities, including wheelchair basketball and curling. We will be looking at how to incorporate more of these sports into life at Granby to widen appreciation of paralympic sportspeople and inclusion.


Now we have entered the Spring and Summer terms, our young leaders are organising and leading a lunchtime sporting activity each Thursday lunchtime. Pupils are asked to sign up to their choice of sport each week and our ambassadors are responsible for leading and referring skill practice and games.


The final meeting of the year gave our ambassadors the chance to design a fair play banner for the Erewash Partnership with the hope of their work being selected to use next year. We also experimented with different equipment to gather further ideas of how to get everyone moving at lunchtimes! It was lovely to see our four young leaders enjoying sport and movement in the sunshine and it has been a pleasure working with them throughout the year.

Dodgeball Festival, Jan 2017!

Girls Football Competition-Kirk Hallam, Oct 2016!

Cross Country Oct 2016!

Hockey Festival Oct 2016!

Competitions and events 2015-16:

Please be aware that dates, times and venues may change.


5th October: Y3 and 4 football competition at Kirk Hallam, 4-5.30pm. We did not place in the top 3 but received an award for sportsmanship!

12th October: Young Ambassadors meeting at Kirk Hallam, 4-5.30pm.

9th November: Primary Gifted and Talented event at Derby University, 10-2pm.

19th January: Sportshall Athletics at Rutland Sports Park, 10-3pm. Lower School placed 10th and Upper School placed 7th! A fantastic day of Athletics!

27th January: Young Ambassadors meeting, 4-5.30pm.

8th March: Y5/6 football friendly at Dallimore, after school.

11th March: High 5 Netball competition at Kirk Hallam, 3.45-5.30pm. We came 5th-the girls played brilliantly and we were all very proud of them!

24th March: Y5 and 6 Tag Rugby at Long Eaton, 1-3pm. We placed 4th! A lovely afternoon of tag rugby. The team played brilliantly to say it was their first match against other teams and got better and better as each match played on :)

13th April: Swimming Gala at Ilkeston Victoria Park LC , 9.30-11.30am. Granby achieved 2nd place!

25th May: Young Ambassadors meeting, 4-5.30pm.

8th June:  Orienteering Festival at Hallam Fields Junior, 10-12pm.

7th July: Ultimate Dodgeball for the BHF, AM-Y3/4 and PM-Y5/6. A fantastic day of sport, fun and amazing fundraising! Well done to Y4 who claimed the most points!

11th July: Primary Gifted and Talented event at Derby University, 10-2pm.

18th July: Sports Day, PM, weather permitting! Well done to the red team!

Ultimate Dodgeball for The British Heart Foundation!

A fabulous day of dodgeball tournaments! Everyone played brilliantly and the enthusiasm and excitement was lovely to see! We are so thrilled to announce that Granby have raised an AMAZING amount of sponsorship. We have donated a fantastic contribution of £1636 to The British Heart Foundation!

The Daily Mile!

On Monday 16th May, Y5 began The Daily Mile to begin to raise fitness, happiness and confidence levels! We are excited to see what everyone makes of this and will hopefully be rolling it out across the whole school over the next few months!

For more information, please visit:


We have already received some positive feedback from one parent who said that her child has really enjoyed participating in it:

'She says herself that she feels more able to concentrate at school. We've noticed that she has been going to sleep earlier and sleeping better since doing The Daily Mile.'


Since continuing with The Daily Mile and with other year groups joining, we have received lots more positive feedback. The increased level of fitness shown at Sports Day this year was also noted by staff!

The Daily Mile!

OAA Festival-Wednesday 8th June

Eight pupils attended an Outdoor Adventurous Activity morning at Hallam Fields and participated in orienteering, obstacle courses and team building games. It was a beautiful day for it and everyone loved spending the morning outside in the sun whilst trying new things! Here are a few photos of what we got up to!

Sportshall Athletics-Januray 2016!


A fantastic day filled with athletic activities! It was fabulous to see so many young people from across the area enjoying participating in competitive sports :)

Sportshall Athletics-January 2016!

Netball :)

Netball will commence again after February half term in preparation for our first competition in March! Netball club is after school on a Wednesday (3.30-4.30pm). The team have worked incredibly hard on their game skills and tactics. We are excited for what the year will bring!