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We want our children to look smart when at school and feel proud to wear their uniform and be part of the Granby family.

Our uniform policy is outlined below. We expect all our children to wear a navy school jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt. Branded items can be purchased from Hamiltons in Ilkeston. However, we do not expect your child to wear branded items, plain items, which can be purchased from any supermarket or pre-loved are sufficient as long as they are school colours. If you wish to have an iron on badge, these can be purchased from Reception for £1 each.


Main Uniform - Required. Items can be worn at any point in the year.

  • a navy sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan;
  • a white or pale blue shirt or Polo shirt;
  • black or grey trousers or skirt;
  • sensible footwear (no flip-flops or very open sandals for safety reasons when playing during break time); Flat boots may be worn in extreme weather
  • Black shoes or unbranded black trainers
  • Navy blue checked summer dress
  • Black or grey tailored shorts


PE -Required

  • a plain white tee-shirt,
  • black shorts
  • plimsoles for PE (please include socks if your child wears tights).
  • In colder weather, children can wear unbranded black/navy jogging bottoms and a warm navy jumper for outdoor PE games
  • Plain sweatshirts and Polo shirts may also be worn as long as they are school colours.



Please ensure that all clothing and belongings have your child’s name clearly marked.


Hair, Jewellery and accessories

  • Jewellery is not allowed, unless it is a watch or a sign of faith. Only small, plain studs are allowed if children have pierced ears.  These need to be removed or covered with tape during PE. Earrings must be removed for swimming.
  • Watches – to be analogue or digital.  No smart watches or Fitbit due to the possible distraction from learning.
  • Hair accessories are to be kept to a discreet minimum - neither large bows nor headbands with decorative pieces are allowed. Where possible, these should be school colours.
  • Dyed hair, shaved tramlines or extreme hairstyles are not recommended. This is due to the distraction to learning.
  • Nail varnish should not be worn in school.

Other items

  • Children need a coat for school, school bag, wellies if participating in ECO club and in the summer need a sunhat – all to be provided from home and named.