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Our school uniform

At Granby Junior School, we are very proud of our children’s smart appearance. The basic school uniform consists of:


  • a navy sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan;
  • a white or pale blue shirt or Polo shirt;
  • black, navy or grey trousers or skirt;
  • sensible footwear (no flip-flops or very open sandals for safety reasons when playing during break time);
  • a plain white tee-shirt, black shorts and plimsoles for PE (please include socks if your child wears tights).



For information on how and where to purchase sweatshirts and Polo shirts with the school badge embroidered on, please see the school website. Plain sweatshirts and Polo shirts may also be worn as long as they are school colours.


Please ensure that all clothing and belongings have your child’s name clearly marked.

General Equipment

Children will not need to bring anything to school such as pencil cases or writing implements as these will be provided. Book bags can be purchased, although any plastic wallet can be used to transport books between home and school. Each child will be given a pupil organiser which they should bring to school every day.  This is for:

  • recording their homework and when they read;
  • recording messages to and from the class teacher;
  • recording the behaviour system and school/home agreement;
  • recording team points;
  • reading/checking useful information such as times tables, spelling words etc.


Please note that the organiser is for all year and should be looked after.