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Free School Meals Frequently Asked Questions

As you are likely to be aware parents of children who receive free school meals in school are eligible for vouchers of £15 per week per child.

1.When will I receive the voucher for my child?

You will receive a notification via email or text with the number we have registered as the main contact for your child either today 02/04/2020 or tomorrow 03/04/2020. When you receive the notification, it will ask you to select which supermarket you wish to get the voucher for.

The next working day you will receive the voucher of the chosen supermarket between 4-10pm.

2. When can I use the voucher?

You can use the voucher straight away however you will be receiving £30 to begin with. This should be for your child’s meals that they would usually get at school for week commencing 20th April and the week commencing 27th April. As you don’t receive free school meals during holidays.

3. When will I get the next voucher?

You will not receive another £15 voucher until week commencing 4th May if school is still closed

4. What can I use the voucher for?

The voucher is for you to buy your child the food they need for lunches for the week that they would usually get free in school

5. I haven’t received my voucher?

All of our free school meals eligible children should receive the voucher electronically however if you don’t please contact