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Granby Junior School Council

Our School Council members were voted into office in September 2015.

We meet with Mrs Lilley every Wednesday lunchtime in Mr. Mitchell’s classroom at 12.45pm.

We talk about anything and everything that is important to us and we try to find solutions to any issues.

Soloman  (6L) was voted our Chair person and Isabelle (6T) our Vice Chair person.




Class Councillor

  Vice councillor






































Here are a few details about our School Council Meetings


This was our first meeting after the class elections. We talked about how the meetings are organised and shared ideas on how to be good Class Councillors. We were all given our badges, lunch time passes, School Council notebooks and pens. We planned who would run the cake stalls for our first Charity event, which was the Macmillan Coffee Morning.


We discussed the rota for our new MUGA and then talked to Mrs Rees about changing the day that Year 5 could use it. Year 5 were timetabled to use it on a Thursday, but they swim on a Thursday so one class has to leave school part way through dinner time and so cannot use it all dinnertime. Mrs Rees agreed to the change and we announced it in assembly.

All School Council members were asked to remind children in their classes about the Friendship Bench in the yard.

Year 5 and 6 pupils were asked to prepare a speech if they wanted to be considered for the post of Chair or Vice Chair of the School Council. They will have to deliver their speech to the rest of the School Council.


We talked about all the items which children could bring in for our Harvest Festival. All School Council members will talk to their classes about our Harvest Festival.


Six pupils took part in the elections and all the speeches were very interesting. The rest of the School Council elected Soloman as the Chair person and Isabelle as the Vice Chair person.

All School Council members were asked to thank their classes for making our Harvest Festival so successful. The Arena Church came and collected lots of food for people who are less fortunate than our selves. They were very pleased with our help.

Mrs Lilley asked everyone to remind the children in their class to bring in the Flora “tubs for tablets” tokens. Last year we only had 4 brought in to school and we need 50 to get one tablet.

James asked School Council members if they could take a poster advertising an Autumn Fair which his sister was organising for Children in Need.


School Council members were concerned about the safety of younger children playing on the MUGA at the end of the school day. They decided that Charlotte Infant School should be contacted so that they could text their parents asking them to make sure that their children didn’t play on the MUGA in our playground.

The School Council have been invited to attend the opening of the Ilkeston Charter Fair and arrangements for this wonderful opportunity were discsussed.


After discussions about school meals, members of the School Council asked Mrs Giddens, who is in charge of our kitchen and school meals, if we could have milk shakes and orange juice as part of the choice of drinks we have at lunch times. Mrs Giddens explained that milk shakes will be on the new menu once a week. She also offered to let the School Council try the orange juice, which had been so unpopular that it had been taken off the menu.



Mrs Giddens arranged for the School Council try the orange juice, and the majority agreed that it did not need adding to the menu! They thought it tasted very strong and did not think it would be popular with the rest of the school.

Council members were asked if they would like to help run some stalls at the Christmas Fair on Friday 11th December.




School Council were delighted with the success of the Christmas Fair and spent time explaining how muuch money each stall had made.


Spring Term 1 2016

During  Spring Term 1 the School Council were busy talking to their classes and the School kitchen Staff about School Lunches. Some pupils felt that when it was their year group's turn to be the last year group to have lunch,  there wasn't always the full range of menu choices available.They organised a vote to see if Granby Junior School should offer only one menu  choice or to continue with the 3 choices we have always enjoyed. The classes all voted to continue with the 3 choices.


The School Council were busy talking to their classes about E-Safety and arranged for classes to take part in a poster competition. The winning posters are displayed on the  E-Safety notice board. 


The School Council were also busy talking to their classes about  the definition of the word Bullying. They made sure that pupils in their class understand that they need to talk to an adult in school if they have any concerns about themselves or other pupils. This would usually be the class teacher, but Mrs Lilley is the Anti-Bullying Leader and is always on the yard at the start and end of school,  if pupils would like to speak to her.


Spring Term 2 2016

The School Council were busy organising an Anti- Bullying  poster competition. The winning posters are displayed around school. 

The School Council carried out a survey about how pupils feel about using Cyber Coach. The results were shared with Miss Robinson, our PE leader. They were also concerned about Infant pupils using the MUGGA at the end of our school day and asked for a text to be sent to the parents of Infant pupils asking them not to let their children play on it.

The School Council have been busy deciding how to raise money for Sport Relief and our school took part in special Sports Lessons and raised £243.64 !