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Upcoming Events 2018-19:

26.9.18   Morning and afternoon Y3 and 4 Wednesday Energise Erewash Day
3.10.18   Afternoon Y6 Wednesday KS2 Girls Football Festival
8.10.18   Morning Y3-6 Monday Cross Country Competition (Y3/4-2nd place and Y5/6-4th place!)
18.10.18   After school Y5-6 Thursday Y5 and 6 Football Tournament
5.11.18   All day Y6 Monday Gifted and Talented PE event (Derby University)
13.11.18   Afternoon Y3-6 Tuesday KS2 Badminton Festival
26.11.18   3 days Y4-6 Mon-Wed Bikeability
21.1.19   Morning Y3 and 4 Monday Y3 and 4 Sportshall Athletics


  Morning Y5 and 6 Tuesday

Y5 and 6 Sportshall Athletics. (6th place)

31.1.19   Morning Y3-6 Thursday KS2 Sportsability Festival




After school Y5 and 6 Wednesday Young Ambassadors meeting
7.3.19   After school Y5 and 6 Thursday Y5 and 6 Netball Festival
25.3.19   After school Y5 and 6 Monday KS2 Dodgeball Tournament (1st place!)
9.4.19   Morning Y4-6 Tuesday Swimming Gala
30.4.19   Afternoon Y5-6 Tuesday Y5 and 6 Kwik Cricket Tournament
18.6.19   Afternoon Y3-6 Tuesday Orienteering festival
7.5.19   Morning Y4-5 Tuesday Y4 and 5 Active Numeracy Festival
9.5.19   Morning Y4-5 Thursday Y4 and 5 Active Literacy Festival
24.6.19   Morning Y4 Monday Y4 Multi-Sports
25.6.19   Afternoon Y3-6 Tuesday District Sports
8.7.19   All day Y6 Monday Gifted and Talented PE event (Derby University)
June/July   All day Y3-6 TBC Ultimate Dodgeball
July   Afternoon Y3-6 TBC Sports Day

Dodgeball Winners!

February Lunchtime Ambassador Activites-Inclusive Games!

Ambassdors’ Lunchtime Challenges December 🎄

Derby University

Girls Football Festival