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Democracy Day!

On the 19th January our school councillors took part in a debate at the Council Chambers, along with two other local schools. Our councillors were very good at expressing their opinions, as well as listening to the opinions of others.  

2017 Rock Star winners

2017 Rock Star winners  1

2017 Granby Rock Wrangle

The red carpet has been rolled out again as the Granby Rock Stars take to the stage to compete against each other - to see who is the quickest times table rock star. Well done to all who took part - another huge success with the audience joining in and Mr Lancashire creating the Rock Music. They all then enjoyed the VIP lounge, and in true rock star style - the cleaner has had to go in to clean up after them! Another successful Rock Star Wrangle. 


Well done to those Rock Gods who were chosen because of their speed and accuracy of their times tables'. The Rock Gods had to walk down the red carpet - to be greeted by their screaming fans, as well as being accompanied by Mr Lancashire on the guitar. After the completion of the grids the Rock Gods were then whisked away to the V.I.P lounge where they were treated to food and drink. Well done to the fastest Rock Gods and to everyone for taking part.

Balloon Race - Help the Heroes

Balloon Race - Help the Heroes 1
Balloon Race - Help the Heroes 2
Balloon Race - Help the Heroes 3
Balloon Race - Help the Heroes 4
Balloon Race - Help the Heroes 5
Balloon Race - Help the Heroes 6

Comic Relief Dance-a-thon!

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