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Year 6 - Mrs Taylor

I miss you all already!  You have been a fantastic class and I wish you every success for the future.  The thought of Secondary may seem a little scary at present, but I know you will be just fine.  Enjoy every minute of the new experience.  They are very lucky to have you!


Don't forget, come back and visit me.  Keep me updated with what's happening in your life.  


Finally thank-you for all the support I've had from parents throughout the year.  I will miss you as well!


Love and best wishes, Mrs Taylor

Finally the SATs are over!  

We have just enjoyed a well earned Cornetto in the sunshine.

Well done to all of you.  So lovely to hear your thoughts about this experience, that some of you were dreading.  Most of you thought that it wasn't as bad as you had expected.

Tomorrow, (weather permitting) all of Year 6 will spend the morning across at the field, playing and generally "chilling" with our friends.


A massive thank you to all parents for their support all year.  I know, on occasion, there has been tears and tantrums over homework.  


Our focus now will be our writing and preparation for Secondary School.


Mrs Taylor and Mrs Pounder

To all my Y6 class......

I am so proud of you.  Each and every one of you have worked extremely hard this year.

Relax and have a lovely weekend.

Don't worry about Monday, I know you will all do your best!

Get a good night's sleep and come in ready to show everyone how fabulous you are.  I believe in you, now you have to believe that you can do it!


Mrs Taylor