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Year 6 - Mrs Shelton

Important Info:

  • Maths and English homework is handed out on a Friday and due in on a Wednesday.
  • Spellings are recorded on a Friday in organisers.
  • Topic homework is due around once a fortnight-dates are provided on the handout sheet.
  • Homework help is available on a Monday lunchtime.
  • Reading with an adult at home is expected 3 x per week and must be recorded in organisers.
  • PE for Summer1 is on a sunny day with Mrs Shelton and a Thursday with Miss Grainger.
  • Please always keep a PE kit in school. Kits will be sent home to be washed usually at the end of a half term.

Beer goggles and how to deal with growing up

As part of geography week we have been learning about air pollution - what it is and the impact it has on our health. This has included designing our own air pollution machine, showing how particulates can cause breathing problems and posters to explain how we can begin to reduce air pollution. 

Geography week

Year 6 have been busy writing posters and letters to persuade people of Ilkeston to stop smoking. We are so proud of their achievements and hoping that their hard work helps at least one person to quit. Their work is currently displayed in Ilkeston Hospital.

SATs Breakfast Club-a huge thank you to the Co-Op for their generosity!!

Sats Parent Meeting

We are now in Spring 2 and Sats are getting closer. The children are working hard and as a result are showing great progress. Thank you to all the adults that were able to make our meeting this week. For those who weren’t able, we have added the short video explanation and the letter that was given out on the parent tab, then ks2 Sats page.

Any further questions please come and talk to the year six staff.

Thanks for your continued support. 

Year 6 team. 

As part of science week we have two visitors to talk about journeys. One was an ex pupil haring his journey from Granby School to his current position of a ice hockey player for The Panthers and Great Britain. Also we have looked at the journey of the blood and what an ecg machines does. 

As part of world book day we dressed up as a character from a book. During the day we also went on a book treasure hunt and tried to use our skills to figure out the title and author. We also enjoyed sharing our books in class, as well as listening to Mr Lancashire read riddles from The Hobbit using the voice of Gollum, which we then had to solve. 


In maths we have been using manipulatives to help us with our algebra knowledge. 
We have reminded ourselves how to stay safe online. We have then designed our own posters with our top five tips. 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. The first term has been full of achievements and fun. We have asked the children what they feel about year six so far - their hopes, dreams and achievements. Here are a few of their suggestions.

Sprout Boy

Still image for this video

Super sprout

Still image for this video

Body Image and the Media:

On Tuesday 27th November, we pulled in a lesson on body image and the media. We felt it important to address this and the issues caused by images our pupils see on a daily basis, on the news, in magazines and on social media platforms.


We looked at several before and after photos after celebrities' images had been heavily edited. We discussed why this type of software is used and the effects it has on people of all ages who see these photoshopped images, especially when they are passed off as real life! Below is an example of Miss Robinson's edited picture:

Get safe online.

Remember that passwords are like pants and should not be shared with strangers and should also be changed regularly! Have a look at the link below to test your own passwords!

Handy methods Y6 use in Maths!

Have a look below for useful images and videos to help explain new methods to adults at home!