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Year 6 - Mrs Godson

Welcome to Year 6 2021-22!

We're so excited to have you back and can't wait to see what this year brings for us at Granby! Our first topic will be Hola Mexico, starting later this week. Please look out for our sub page below to see what we'll be doing. Seesaw should be up and running soon so you can contact us directly with any issues. Your child has also been given their organiser which can be used for communication. Please have a look at the home-school agreement with our child and sign this agree that you will support their learning this year. Thanks!

E-Safety: Y6-Screen Time

In Y6, we will be discussing what 'screen time' is and the dangers of too much of this. We explored activities we like to do that involve a device of some sort and also things we like to do which do not involve a screen. 


We looked at different signs that you have spent too long looking at a screen, including those from our own bodies and those from the world around us:

Signs from our bodies:Signs from the world around us:
sore eyesit's gone dark outside
headachebattery runs low
stiff neckdevice gets hot
hunger/thirstloss of time


We then discussed ways to address this and how to balance our screen time with other activities-such as meeting up with friends, having a break and grabbing a drink/snack and reading a book!

September 2021 E-Safety - we take online safety very seriously at Granby and in the first week of this term we will be doing some work with our Y6 children, reminding them how to stay safe online.