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Year 6 - Mr Lancashire

Welcome to Year 6!

We're so excited to have you back and can't wait to see what this year brings for us at Granby! Our first topic will be Hola Mexico, starting next week. Please look out for our sub page to see what we've been up to!


The Youth Endownment Fund (YEF) has funded Life Skills Education (LSE) to deliver the DARE25 programme. DARE 25 is a programme designed to help young people take safer and healthier choices and reduce offending behaviours including hate, knife, drug and alcohol related crime. Year 6 pupils will participate in ten one-hour lessons delivered by a trained DARE officer. The lessons will take place in the child's regular classroom. The class teacher and TA will be present, although the session is led by a DARE officer.


There is  an evaluation of this course. The children will complete an online questionnaire before and after. This first evaluation will happen during the week (8/3/21). If you DO NOT want your child to take part in the impact evaluation, please return the slip on this letter by Thursday 11th March, or send a message on seesaw to your child's class teacher. Then, none of their details will be shared with the evaluation team.


Attached is a parental information leaflet explaining this is more detail as well as the reply slip if you DO NOT wish them to take part. 

E-Safety Y6-Screen Time:

In Y6, we have been discussing what 'screen time' is and the dangers of too much of this. We explored activities we like to do that involve a device of some sort and also things we like to do which do not involve a screen. 


We looked at different signs that you have spent too long looking at a screen, including those from our own bodies and those from the world around us:

Signs from our bodies: Signs from the world around us:
sore eyes it's gone dark outside
headache battery runs low
stiff neck device gets hot
hunger/thirst loss of time


We then discussed ways to address this and how to balance our screen time with other activities-such as meeting up with friends, having a break and grabbing a drink/snack and reading a book!