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Year 6 - Mr Lancashire 2019-20

Y6 Letter-sent 20th March 2020

What can you do to support your learning at home?

Have a look at the links below to access resources and help for a range of subject areas 

Feb 2020 (Spring 2) - our Frozen Kingdom topic is now over, but the children produced some excellent work, particularly focusing on animals in polar environments. We'll continue to learn about the animal kingdom in our next topic, Darwin's Delights.

Frozen Kingdom January 2020 - during our memorable experience with a real explorer, some of our children had a chance to play the part of polar adventurers!

Mexico Homework Project Sheet

September 2019

E-Safety - we take online safety very seriously at Granby and have already done some work with our Y6 children, reminding them how to stay safe online. In our coding lessons, we have been designing games to help teach others about the key principles of SMART:


Eyeball Dissection!