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Year 6 - Miss Robinson

Welcome to 6R!

Our class page will be updated regularly with information and photos of what we've been up. Have a look at our topic pages to see what each half term brings!

A SATs Well Done!

SATs week has come to an end and we couldn’t be prouder of our Y6s. They have approached each day with a calm, determined attitude and have done their very best on each paper they have sat. We hope you all have a relaxing weekend before we head into our final week of the half! Well done everybody.

E-Safety Day-February 2018

Y6 have been looking at positive and negative behaviours online, what these might consist of and what effect they might have on others. We held class discussions and looked at different scenarios.

Democracy Day-Friday 19th January 2018

All pupils have looked at an individual British Value each day (Rule of Law, Democracy, Respect, Individual Liberty, etc). On Democracy Day, pupils looked in more depth at how our parliament works and how our system of democracy lets citizens have their say. Each class was given the opportunity to vote on a ballot slip on whether or not they would change the structure of the school day. A majority vote showed that the most popular option was to start and finish earlier! Y6 then worked in small teams to create their own political party, including a logo, a slogan and a manifesto.

Democracy Day

Y6 Enterprise Initiative:

Within year groups, we have been looking at how to raise money through designing, making and selling products. Y6 made chocolate stirrers and sold them at school and at our local Co-op store! Many thanks to their staff for allowing us space and time to do this!

Black History Month!

Year 6 have been learning about the times before slavery was abolished and how black citizens were treated. They then took part in a fact retrieval hunt around school grounds to discover the names of famous black sporting heroes and what they have achieved throughout their life and careers. Pupils then created a biography on a chosen athlete, explaining why we celebrate Black History Month and what their chosen person is remembered or known for.

Get safe online.

We have looked at staying safe online this week and have reminded ourselves that passwords are like pants and should not be shared with strangers and should also be changed regularly! Have a look at the link below to test your own passwords!


We will be building on our existing e-safety knowledge through our coding work on Purple Mash, Year 6 will be creating their own e-safety themed game using the apps.

Dangers of sexting:

Y6 have created radio adverts to warn others of the dangers of sending or receiving messages in this form.

Radio Ad-the risks of sexting:

Purple Mash:

As part of our work on e-safety, Y6 have been creating games using 2DIY3D on Purple Mash which convey an e-safety message within them. Have a look at the screenshots below to see a few examples.

Hot Chocolate-Enterprise!

Year 6 have been making chocolate stirrers and reindeer hot chocolate cones. A huge thank you to Tesco, the local Co-op on Summerfields Way and Wilko for their donations! So far we have raised £60 for the children and hope to build on this by selling the rest of the stock at the Co-op and at school. 

Well done to everyone for all their hard work :)



We have managed to raise £170 for year 6. Thank you to all of the companies that donated goods and especially to the co-op who let us set up a stall in their shop on Summerfields Way.



Anti-bullying work:

Year 6 watched a short production about anti-bullying. There were shown a variety of scenes and were able to discuss how the characters were feeling and how they could have made the situation better. All children were able to vote with their feet to decide the outcome of the production. We will continue to work on this during our PSHCE lessons.

Maths Group:

Each Friday, anyone who has beaten their highest score on our Big Maths weekly tests has their photo taken. Have a look who has done it this week below!