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Year 5 - Mrs Shelton

End of year red carpet awards

Big maths song

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Our last singing of our favourite Friday song

Still having fun at the end of term

So far we have had an aeroplane competition, completed our boot camp challenge and had fun completing a maths challenge in the school grounds. An excellent few days.


We have been planning various different science investigations towards the end of this summer term, including an investigation into gravity and weight and answering the question of: what makes a good long jumper? Have a look at our photos to see us in action!


What a wonderful day. We all had an excellent time completing a variety of activities, including: key ring, web design, nets for characters and making slime. A great day was had by all, and we were extremely proud of the excellent behaviour that was shown throughout the day. smiley

Dodgeball Day

What a fabulous day - and it stayed dried. Well done to everyone that took part in making today such a success. It was fantastic to see so many children taking part in a sporting event, cheering on other teams and dancing to the music whilst waiting their turn. Wonderful sportsmanship was shown. Well done to Madagascar who showed their skills at dinner time in their animal onesies!

Action shots

The whole school is busy producing work for our 'Open Day' on Wednesday. Please come into the hall at the end of the day on Wednesday to see all of the excellent work that has been completed by all year groups. Year 5 have been working on our topic of 'Time Traveller' - self portraits, Salvador Dali and Time travel! So much work on show. Photos will follow.



Wow year five have done themselves proud. The performances just got better and better. A lot of hard work has gone in to the production from parents, children and staff - and it has all paid off. We have received such positive comments about how wonderful it was. Well done everybody. 


What a fun day. Excellent team building skills, excellent den and lots of work completed in the den. I even made us all eat our sandwiches in it. Well done on making today such a success. smiley

Summer Term

We have already had a fun packed few weeks. The children are continuing to work hard on the play as the performance date is drawing nearer! We are all hoping that we will be ready. Please look out for letters regarding tickets.


We have continued to complete a variety of reading challenges - with a sporting theme. The last challenge was won by the children. There was been bag and bucket race, but they were just too fast for the adults - well done.


Our new time traveller topic got underway with a variety of adults being questioned about their life. Thank you so much to everyone who helped out and for excellent questions from the children. We have also started to begin our art work for our art festival in a few weeks. As well as looking at e-safety they have also been taking part in money week activities. Also to begin the term they have undertaken a variety of activities about the Muslim faith. This has included looking at art, rules that they follow during their life and a special visitor that discussed their pilgrimage.


We are all looking forward to den day - please remember to bring in materials to build your den. Photos will follow.


We have been exploring different aspects of e-safety this term and have looked at the importance of strong passwords! We have discussed why we need passwords and how to make them stronger using upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers. Everyone then created a 'strong' password of their own and we tested it on the site below!

WOW what a term. 

This term has nearly come to an end. Our allotment topic will soon come to an end with the children all making flapjack to sell on Tuesday 24th May after school. The children are currently busy working on their performance - letter to follow next week with times and dates.


We have also started the 'Granby Mile' all year 5 classes are running/walking around the playground for 15 minutes each day, completing as many laps as possible. So far there have been lots of red faces, and positive comments made. Looking forward to continuing next week.


There have been lots of Big Maths successes this week - most of the class has beaten their score. Well done!


The reading challenge has continued with a sporting theme. Celebration day will be on Thursday for all of those who have completed their homework, read at least three times a week and followed the school rules. 

Have a lovely weekend.


We have started our new summer topic, Allotment, with a fruit and veg market and a research session! Children have explored new produce and tasted different samples, including: pomegranates, passion fruits, leeks and rhubarb!

Wednesday 13th April

Welcome back. Hope you have all had a fun Easter. smiley We finished last term with our celebration day that involved banana splits and a scavenger hunt. 

This term has begun with our innovate week. The teams are having to design their own rocket that will go to launch day on Friday. Lets hope that we have some successes. Also today the children have been luckily enough to take part in a Science Day. This has involved them making space buggies and partaking in a range of experiments to then decide which materials are the best to use on the arm of a spacecraft. Looking forward to Launch Day. Photos to follow. 


Another week has flown by. We have had our first rehearsal of our play 'Go For Gold', now the hard work continues and we embark upon getting us all to act and sing in the right places, not forgetting the dance moves that have to be learnt!


English this week has involved writing a myth about the moon. The children have worked extremely hard and have written some descriptive myths using personification, similes and other figurative language. They have also written their own mnemonics for naming the order of the planets using keynote presentation.


Class displays are looking wonderful and some excellent homework has been shown already with lots more to look forward to next week.


Congratulations to Rylie and Liam who have read three times this week and were able to take on both teachers for a game of Elefun. The butterflies eventually came out of the trunk and the boys won by one. Well done, it is now one game all.







Another term of fun and excitement. We've had a fabulous day starting our new stargazer topic. The children all looked amazing, ranging from aliens to astronauts to planets and starry nights. This all added to the atmosphere of the day along with making alien masks, baking space decorated biscuits and star constellations. The day was then completed with the children designing their own display (photos to follow). While all this was going on the children were also able to listen to: Life on Mars, Space Oddity, Rocket Man and Fly me to the Moon. As you can see from the photos a great day was had  by all. 

Y5 Stargazer Homework Sheet


We have all  had a wonderful time at our Tudor Day at Wollaton Hall. The children all enjoyed the day dressing up, dancing, discovering about a tudor kitchen and tudor exploration.

An excellent end to our topic.


Tudor Dancing

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Another week has flown by. From talking to Mr Lancashire the class had lots of fun writing a report on the trial of Anne Boleyn and finding out about how the Tudors punished people who were criminals. The reading challenge was continued as Mr Lancashire took on Jess at Jenga - well done to Mr Lancashire keeping the staff in the lead. This week was a different challenge - Mrs Jameson decided we should have a times table challenge but they had to pick me. The children then chose who was to play against me and which time table I had to do - they chose the 12x for me and the 2x for Alex. We then had 1 minute to complete 40 questions. I completed them in  under 40 secs, but due to a silly error 2x12 = 14 sad it meant that Alex won - well done. But at least the staff are still in the lead with one week left.


We have also started our innovate week where the children are preparing to go to court to decide if they are for Anne or for Henry and prepare their speeches and evidence to present to the judge and jury.

Looking forward to the trial next week and our trip to Wollaton Hall.


FRIDAY 22nd January 2016

Another excellent week. I have been so impressed with their writing of a tudor riddle. Also I have been extremely proud of their support to their peers, showing how caring and supportive they are of others' achievements. 


Luckily for the teachers they have managed to pull ahead 2:1 in the reading challenge, so all to play for next week. Well done to Jaylin for reading at least three times as always, and being the lucky one. But unfortunately for the children, she came up against me at 'Guess Who'.


More children have achieved their best ever 'Big Maths' scores and hopefully next week there will be lots of children moving onto the next level.


Also well done for all the excellent homework we have seen, and for the guilitine and stocks. Look carefully at the photo to see the heads on the stakes!







Another week

Big Maths

Friday 15th January

Another week has flown by. We started the week playing a new game called Pace Ball. On a cold Monday morning it was a fast paced game that soon got all of the children warm. We have then had our second keyboard lesson, which was very noisy, but the children were able to play in unison through a lot of hard work. 

Friday morning was a theatre production of Robin Hood, that was watched by the whole school. It was a very good performance and all the children enjoyed the show. The week has finished with the children presenting their homework. Yet again a lot of hard work has gone in to the creative work, with a wooden stocks being made, along with rotten tomatoes (well red balls!). Photos to follow. 


The Big Read Challenge

The Stocks - creative homework



Hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and a happy new year. The first week has begun with our new topic - OFF WITH HER HEAD! We are all looking forward to this topic. So far we have researched facts about Henry VIII, begun to write his biography and drawing and painting an important Tudor Monarch.

We were also lucky to start the week learning to play music on a keyboard. It was lots of fun but very noisy.

We have started the reading challenge off with a win for the teachers. Well done to Summer for reading at least three times and being randomly chosen to play 'Tell Me..'


Also Big Maths has contined with lots of children moving onto a higher level sheet and some achieving their best score ever.


Looking forward to the presentations of their homework next week - the first one is due Friday. 



Friday 18th December

What an EGG mazing week we have had. The week began with the children writing and reading radio adverts for Alton Towers then becoming engineers and testing their DROP RIDES. There was a lot of stress as the children placed two raw eggs in their rides and waited with anticipation to see if they were successful. As you can see from the photos there were some successes and some failures. We were just glad that they were not using real people as there would definitely be some visits to casualty. Then the children have had a fun time at the year 5 christmas party. Lots of games were played, including pass the parcel - where they had the chance to win a tin of mackral (only the best for our children frown), hot potato, crossing the river and not forgetting musical chairs, but without the chairs, instead the girls had to link arms with the boys and vice versa. 


We also had a celebration lesson for all of those who had consistently read and completed all of their homework. This will also be repeated at Easter for those who have done the same from January to Easter. 


Well done to all those who have managed to read at least 42 times since September and achieve their reward - the top three readers will also receive a prize today. 


Next term the challenge is 20 reads from now until February half term and there will also be the usual Maths and Topic Homework. We are all looking forward to our next topic - OFF WITH HER HEAD sad


Another fun packed term. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Alton Towers Adverts

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Champion Readers

Friday 4th December


Wow another couple of weeks have flown by. We have continued our work on Scream Machine, carrying out lots of science experiments, designing new Alton Towers logos and planning a day out at a theme park. 

We are all really looking forward to next week as we have the opportunity to create our own EGG CITING RIDE.  Lots of photos to follow. I just hope that they will be able to keep their passengers safe.

Yet again we have had lots of excellent homework this week including lots of food that was delicious. 


Big Maths scores have been excellent this week (as you will see by how many are in the photo).

The children will be having a treat for those who have completed all of the homework set this term and have continued to read at least three times a week. This will be in the last week of this term.


A big congratulations to the children who have won the reading challenge again. Well done to Tommy. They are now in the lead 3:1. Just hoping we can pull it back to a draw by the  end of term. 

Reading Challenge


Friday 20th November

Another fun packed fortnight. We are now into the new topic of ... riding the roller coaster of SCREAM MACHINE... We have made a roller coaster carriage, then had our photos taken whilst riding it. We have used construction materials to make our own theme park ride. We have also been design engineers making loop the loops - and ensuring that our passengers would be safe! (We were only allowed to try marbles, not real people).

In English we have begun writing our own theme park narrative and have used speech - correctly punctuated.


We have also written our own # for anti bullying week and have taken selfies. 


Lots of children are completing at least three reads a week and have the opportunity to challenge the teachers. Last week the class were winners again. But this week Mrs Shelton has won at connect four (which she was a champion of when she was at school). But well done to the class because they are still in the lead 2:1. What will next week bring?


See below the winners in Big Maths this week.


Looking forward to sharing lots more homework next week - second piece due in 27/11/15.smiley

Anti Bullying Selfies



Friday 6th November

Our new topic has now begun. This week the children have designed a new theme park, investigated forces ,including centripetal force. Also we have ridden a roller coaster simulation ride. Not forgetting performing a roller coaster poem. Look at the photos and videos to see all the fun that has been had.


Huge congratulations to those children who have been successful in achieving the challenge of 20 reads for the first half term. They now have the challenge of 42 by Christmas for their next reward.


Big Maths has continued with lots of children beginning the new term with improved scores.


The New Reading Challenge has begun. Owen was the lucky one and chose to challenge Mrs Jameson. It was a game of leapfrog where you had to throw frogs at a pad for it to bounce off and land on a lily pad. Well done to the children as they are now leading one nil.


The children may have also explained about the new homework rewards that are being given. They are aiming to achieve at least 180 points and to hand all their homework in by the end of the term. Points are rewarded for effort and handing in on time. There will then be activities (still to be decided) as a reward. 


Looking forward to next week smiley



Roller coaster ride


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Big Maths and Reading Challenge


Big Maths

Reading Challenge

Monday 2nd November


Welcome back. Hope everyone has had a lovely half term. We have begun the week with our new topic 'Scream Machine'. Lots of exciting things ahead. But first the end of our last topic. The children have been busy designing and making their own board game. They then had to pitch to the dragons for an investment. The dragons were particularly harsh and only a few lucky teams got an investment. 


Also I am happy to announce that the staff won the reading challenge - so that made a win for the teachers for the term. Well done to Rosie for taking on the challenge. Now it starts again for this term. Good luck to all.


More successes on Big Maths with lots of children beating their previous score.

Friday 16th October

Another week has flown by. Lots of successes have been celebrated. Firstly the reading challenge. Most children have read 3 times , with lots reading over this. Those that have read 20 times this term have had their photo taken and celebrated with a reward. One week left, how many more will get there? 

Also well done to the children this week. The game was Hungry Hippos - Myself and Mrs Jameson lost 1 game to two. Well done Lenni and Eloise. It is now two wins each.

The pressure is now on for the final week - anyone who has read at least three times gets the chance to make it a win for the children! But we will do our best to make it a win for the staff frown.


Also we have had lots of children beating their Big Maths scores. As you can see from the photos the children are very pleased with their achievements.


We are looking forward to next week as it is innovate week. The children have been set the task of designing a new board game that they will have to pitch to Dragons in the Den. 

The term will be finished with a trip to the fair if good behaviour is displayed in school. They will have the opportunity to look at the rides and then continue to experience the fair when they return to school. This will form the start of our next topic 'Scream Machine'.



Our portal photos from our trip to the wood

Thursday 15th October

Wow what another fun packed few weeks we have had.


The reading challenge has continued. This challenge was headbands. Tyler chose Mrs Jameson and luckily for the teachers Mrs Jameson managed to make it 2:1. Well done to Tyler. The next game is ready. Will it be 2:2 or 3:1? Check back to see.

More homework has been shown. The children have done a marvellous job, putting in a lot of effort.smiley


Lots of successes for Big Maths. Lots of children managing to beat their score again. Hopefully even more next time. Well done for all the hard work smiley


We have had action packed days. We have been on a gem hunt around the school grounds. Lots were found and this then helped the children to describe them. Previously we had enjoyed panning for gold. We have also watched and participated in a variety of science investigations where chemical reactions have taken place. Also this week has been very noisy and musical. The children composed and performed their sound tracck for Alchemy Island. This was then followed by a visit from a teacher from Ilkeston School where they had the opportunty to play boom wackers, and see if the rest of the class could recognise the song.


Really looking forward to our innovate week next week where the children were become apprentices and face dragons in the den.



Friday 2nd October

Another fabulous week has been experienced. Firstly the children have had to persuade the gatekeeper of Dragon Vine Towers to let them pass. Surprisingly he is partial to a rap, so they have had to use their rapping skills, powers of persuasion and performance skills to enable them to carry on their journey.


This was then followed by panning for gold. All children appeared to enjoy themselves, getting extremely excited when they were successful.


Most children read at least three times this week and so were in for a chance to 'Beat the Teacher'. The game this time was a picture recognition game. Alex was the lucky contestant and decoded to play Mrs Jameson.Unfortunately she had to leave and I had to take over. But Alex did well and managed to win by one point. Well done Alex smiley. It is now one game all. Looking forward to next week.


Also lots of children have beat their maths scores this week, Well done. Rock stars are now on the hall of fame and they are now working hard to improve their time to complete the questions. Remember to play on line for more practise.



Gatekeeper raps

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Friday 25th September


Another fun week has flown by. The children have been amazed by a science investigation that involved hydrogen peroxide, yeast and gold glitter! They have also been writing their own raps that we hope to perform next week - so look out for the clips. 


The Maths Group have celebrated again when they have beat their BIG MATHS SCORES. As you can see lots of successes again. 


This has also been the first week of the BEAT THE TEACHER reading challenge. For any child that reads 3 or more times a week then they will have the chance to be drawn in a raffle to beat the teacher (Mrs Jameson or Mrs Shelton) at a chosen game. This week Mrs Jameson was chosen and it is now one nil to the teachers. Can the children pull one back next week?


The first set of homework has been completed and I am looking forward to it being shown to the rest of the class. 


Celebrating success

Welcome to Year 5 - Mrs Shelton!

Welcome to the start of year 5. What fun and excitement we have already had. We have started our new topic - Alchemy Island. This has involved a visit from the alchemist's apprentice, discovering portals in woodland, cleaning contaminated water from the bottomless well and writing our own fantasy narrative. The children and staff have had fun so far, and still have so many weeks to go. 


Homework has been set on the topic and we look forward to the children presenting their work. 


As well as this, the children have all been given rock star names and are now ready to begin their challenge of times table rock stars, trying to beat their time. 


All of these children have beat their BIG MATHS SCORES.smiley

Friday 3rd July

What a fun day we have all had. We have had a 'Minecraft Day' organised by staff and pupils of Ilkeston School. It was a fabulous day and we all had so much fun making potions, metal key rings, cookies, slime and 3-D characters. A big thank you to all the staff who made today possible and for the excellent behaviour and attitude of year five, they were a credit to themselves and the school. smileyno

Wednesday 24th June

What a fun couple of weeks we have had. The children have been 'Innovating'. This has meant that they have had to use their creativity and team work to create canopic jars, a sarcophagus (no bigger than a metre) and we still have a death mask to design and make. But we must not forget the first activity where they had to embalm each other with oil soaked bandages - some were definitely more skilled in this area than others. Also before this they have all worked on a variety of projects for Ilkeston Festival last week, which was a great success and lots of wonderful art work on display. Not forgetting the construction of pyramids with lego and knex. Lots of fun already this term and I'm looking forward to the rest of the innovating lessons and the rest of the term. laugh

Thursday 21st May

Another term is nearly at the end and so much has happened. Over the next two days I hope to add more videos and photographs of everything we have achieved. Another term of the children sharing their Egyptian Homework, and yet again they have worked extremely hard and produced some excellent pieces. It has been fantastic to see the variety and imagination they have used. The last term will follow the same idea - that the children will have two weeks to produce a piece. Also they will be expected to produce something English, Research and Creative. But this will be the opportunity for the children to choose a topic that they are interested in. I am really looking forward to finding out new facts and hopefully some surprises about the childrens' interests. 

Have a lovely break and looking forward to all the work and fun we still have to do before the end of July. 

Mummy Making!

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interview 10.mp4

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interview 2.mp4

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interview 1.mp4

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Egyptian's Got Talent

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What a fantastic day we had.

egyptians got talent 6.mp4

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egyptians got talent 5.mp4

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egyptians got talent 4.mp4

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egyptians got talent 3.mp4

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egyptians got talent 2.mp4

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Welcome back. Hope everyone has had a lovely holiday. We have started our new 'Pharaoh Topic', with a memorable experience. The children were treated to an embalming ceremony, where the gruesome stages were described and observed. They have then gone on to further their understanding in English and Topic lessons, researching the discovery of King Tut, and sketches of Egyptian artefacts. So far they have enjoyed the topic and it is only week 1!

Friday 27th March 2015

Another term has come to an end and what a fun one it has been. We have enjoyed science week, end of topic celebration day, visits from a tribal dancer and Zoolab, and not forgetting all the creative homework that has been completed. We have all really enjoyed showing our projects as well as learning from others'. We still have a lot so show after the holiday (can't wait). Thank you so much for all your help and support with this and hope that you enjoy the next topic as much. surprise


During National Science week the children had the opportunity to investigate whether the shape and size of a birds' beak affects how successful they are at eating their prey. This week also involved the children investigating which chocolate would be best for putting in chocolate chip cookies. Luckily for the children this involved them seeing how long it took to melt on their tongue. Yum yum!frown


The topic has come to a conclusion with a visit from a tribal dancer, where the children enjoyed taking part in a variety of dances and listen to a traditional story. This was then followed this week by our big celebration day where the children were able to create rainforest music, rainmakers, tribal jewellery and samba dancing. It was an action packed day which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children, even if the staff were left exhausted! Have a fun holiday. Looking forward to our next topic 'Ancient Egypt'.surprise

A few photos of our creative homework

Thursday 12th March

The children have shown wonderful enthusiasm for the new style homework. They have had the opportunity to present their first piece to the rest of the class. The hard work and imagination has been amazing. From what has been brought in so far this week we are all looking forward to more presentations next week. Excellent workno 

Below is a picture of the homework display so far. This will be changed as more work is brought in.

Thursday March 12th

Thank you so much to everyone that got involved in 'Dress a potato' for world book day. The whole school created a potato family of book characters. The imagination and effort that went into the designs  was fabulous. Here are a few photos of some of those completed by Year 5. Can you spot yours?

Welcome back smiley Hope everyone has had a nice half term. We are looking forward to continuing our Rainforest Topic including a visit from Zoolab and an end of topic celebration day. We have decided to link our homework to the topic, which will give children an opportunity to be more creative and enhance their understanding.

Although this has been explained in detail to the children I thought I had better include a reminder. From the sheet they have been given they need to choose one activity from each section. The first piece (from any section) needs to be handed by Friday 27th February. 

Judging by the initial excitement of the children I am looking forward to exciting and imaginative presentations. Please be warned, I have told the children that adults can help with the creative elements!frown


For this half term, Maths homework will continue as normal.surprise


Hello and welcome to our class page. The children are currently working on our new topic, 'The Rainforest'. So far they have taken on the role of designing our classroom display of a rainforest with  a variety of animals and trees. They have also been weather men and ladies writing and performing weather reports. We are also looking forward to a visit from zoolab next term to compliment the topic as well a celebration day that has been planned to conclude it. frown