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Year 5 - Mrs Shelton

Science Week 2017

We have enjoyed our science week activities - which have included the worm challenge, making slime, rainbow colours and investigating which crisps are the saltiest. It has been great fun completing all of these activities, even if some of them did not go as planned or proved difficult. The main difficulty was investigating which crisp was the saltiest! Our results were not conclusive, but we had fun trying. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The term has come to and end with Christmas and homework celebrations. Lots of hard work has been seen and of course lots of fun and laughter as well. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, hope Santa comes and see everyone on Wednesday 4th January 2017. 

Reading challenge winners - the children


What a wonderful festive end to the term - and we still have two days to go πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„





Very big thank you to all those children who were able to attend the carol service on Wednesday night it definitely left us all feeling full of the festive spirit. It was a great turn out with lots of adults also wearing festive hats. Thanks for making it possible. 



Today has been a sea of Xmas jumpers, hats and tinsel. We have had a lot of fun at our party - playing lots of party games as a year group, including crossing the river, hot potato and pass the parcel. Prizes have included chocolates bars, a tin of pilchards and a tin of Brussels!!!  

Looking forward to more celebrations and challenges next week. 




Well done to my maths group who have now all managed to make at least one level progress this term. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to fractions next term. 


Big Maths

Innovate task has now been completed and successes have been celebrated. We have all had the opportunity to test our rides, but unfortunately some passengers had a cracking time!!!!!


Playtime writing group have again enjoyed a biscuit for their hard work and all have written a Christmas poem this week - particularly enjoying performing.


We have also managed to complete the reading challenge - pairs. Well done to the teachers, who are now in the lead this term. Mrs Shelton is an expert at pairs - she doesn't even let her own children win! 


Week 5

A wonderful end to the week. Lots of children given awards for their hard work and effort this year. The day then finished with year 5 and 6 practising the carols for their concert on Wednesday 14th at 4:30. 

The week has seen lots of children beating their maths scores and some children also moving on to the next level. Nearly have all of the group making at least one level progress this term. 

Lots of homework and class work has now been displayed around school - lots of work to be proud of. We have written our own radio adverts and am looking forward to recording them for us all to listen to.  We have also improved our knowledge of  countries of Europe and U.K. Have been creating gymnastics routines in PE. Have a look at us using the app: 'Hudl Technique' to record each other :)


Next week is innovate week - to design a new drop ride. Remember to bring boxes and other construction materials. 

Photos to follow on Monday 

Big maths winners

A fabulous weeksmiley

We have had a great week and managed to finish the week with extra playtime. We have now managed as a class to achieve this for four weeks because we have all managed to make the right choices at play time and lunch time. Now we need to decide what our extra treat will be. The next challenge is if we can keep this up for a whole term. Fingers crossed. 


We we have continued to work on our topic, where we have had the opportunity to build our own fairground ride out of construction material, learn about kinetic and potential energy as well as designing an advert to persuade people to visit our theme park. 

Celebrating our extra playtime reward

Another reading challenge has been completed. Well done to the children who won buckaroo this week. The children are now winning two weeks to one. Hoping the teachers will manage to draw next week. 


Well done to all the maths group, most children have now managed to move onto their next clic. Continuing to work hard to make sure we have all achieved this by the end of the term. We have also faced the first learn it ultimate challenge this week. Looking for lots of children to now beat the score they have set themselves. 

Week 3

Another week has flown by - lots of science has been completed. The children have had lots of fun planning and carrying out an investigation to find out if weight affects how many times a pendulum swings. This did not go to plan but we were able to give an explanation as to how we would improve it next time. This was then followed by lots of experiments looking at various forces - friction, upthrust and air resistance. We were able to drop parachutes to see if the size affected the speed at which they fell.

This week has also been 'Anti bullying' . We have discussed how they are powerful and encouraging individual and collective action to stop bullying and create the best world possible. We have created our own # slogans to remind others about how we can stop bullying. See some examples below. We have also continued to enjoy our gymnastics lesson and are looking forward to using more equipment.

Reading challenge has seen a game of wriggly worms. Mrs Jameson was the lucky one, and managed to win. It was a close run game and luck was on the side of the teachers this week. That is now one game each. 






Anti bullying week

Big maths



Another week has flown by. The school was treated to 'sticks and stones' play with a reminder on how to make sure we are good friends to each other. Lots of children had the opportunity to take part in level 1 bike ability - with some having the opportunity to complete level 2 on the road. It was a cold and wet day for those children - but they learnt a lot about staying safe. 


In class there has been lots of opportunities to complete science investigations - including the optimum size for a loop on their roller coaster. We also had the chance to use or design skills to draw and design a new roller coaster carriage. 

The reading challenge was completed - Mrs Jameson was challenged to a game of the 'Dobble'. Well done as the children are now leading the challenge this term. Hoping the teachers can pull it back next week. 



There have been lots of big maths successes this week - we are now aiming for all children to have made progress onto the next level in the next few weeks. Good luck and avoid those silly errorsπŸ˜€


The first pieces of homework have been handed in and shown. A reminder to some that it has to be of a level that can be presented and it has to be handed in on time. Remember there is a treat at the end of the term. 

Big maths

Welcome backsmiley

Our first week back has seen the start of our new topic. We have begun the week designing our own theme park. In English we have looked at improving our vocabulary and performing a poem called 'The Ride' - see some examples below. We we have also watched a video clip of a roller coaster and imagined that we were actually riding it. Lots of screaming was heard - but great fun 😱



In maths there have been lots of successes - hoping that next week all of the group will have moved on a clic test. Fingers crossed. 


Performance poetry

Still image for this video

Our trip to the fair

What a fantastic end to the term - with the start of our next topic ' Scream Machine'. We have enjoyed a walk around the fair taking in all the atmosphere. Followed by food tasting. We all had a fantastic time. Looking forward to the rest of the topic. 


We have finished the term with lots of celebrations. All those children who had read 20 times this term and completed all their homework were able to take part in the extra play treat. Also the final beat the teacher was completed - this challenge was football. Another success to the teachers. That means we are winners this term. Can the children win next term?

Lots of successes with the clic challenges this term - a lot of children have managed to move on to the next level. Well done! 

Our last week of the first term

Big maths winners

Scream Machine

We have started our next topic with a visit to Erewash Museum to learn about the history of the Charter Fair. We are now looking forward to our memorable experience on Friday when we get to soak up the atmosphere of the fair and then the taste. 

Get safe online.

We have looked at staying safe online this week reminding ourselves that passwords are like pants and how to write a secure password. 

We have spent time this week designing and making board games. Parents came to school to test prototypes (with some getting quite competitive) and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Once the games were completed we all got a chance to pitch our ideas to the dragons with some teams managing to secure investment. 
A huge thank you to everyone who were able to help design and make our board games today. Next step to pitch to the dragons! 

Help with our board games

Maths week October 17th - 21st

Today we have begun our first maths week at Granby. So far we have been on a maths trail to then use our answers to break a code. The afternoon challenge was to make the tallest 3D shape in ten minutes with newspaper. Some groups were more successful than others. Lots more to still come. 

Week 6


Another week has flown by. Lots of successes for Big Maths. More children have achieved their best score and one has even moved on to the next level. We have been using our addition and subtraction skills in worded problems. This has involved lots of thinking and using our new skills 'bar modelling'. 


We have continued to research significant figures as part of 'black history month'. We have learnt lots of interesting facts and our work is now on display in reception. On Monday we had some visitors from the N.S.P.C.C, who reminded us how to stay safe and who we could talk to if we needed help. We all learnt the childline number, made positive contributions to the discussion and had our photo taken with the buddy.      


This is week has been the beginning of our 'innovate task'. We have all been busy in our teams designing a board game that will be pitched to the dragons from dragons den. If you are free on Monday we need your help - to help play the games and give feedback for any improvements.                                                        



Well done done to all those who had read three times last week. The beat the teacher challenge was pictureka. It was a close contest but Mrs Jameson won for the teachers. What will be the challenge this week?  






We have now managed to record our raps to persuade the gate keeper to let us through. Enjoy. 

Gate keeper raps

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week 5 

What an amazing week. We have been on a gem hunt around the playground. This was then followed by a discussion of suitable adjectives to describe them. We have also had time to practise our raps and are ready to perform them. 

The afternoons have also been filled with planning and carrying out an investigation, reading six figure co-ordinates and discovering what chemical symbols mean. 

Well done for the reading challenge this week. The game was hungry hippos and well done to the children who have won. That is now 2:1 to the teachers. Who will win this week? Also lots of children are moving up the challenge tower - getting closer to their 20 reads by half term. Keep it up.


In Maths we have been continuing to improve our big maths score. All children now have their times table rockstars login. This will allow them the opportunity to challenge each other at home as well as at school. 

Black History Month, October 2016:

Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Mary Seacole, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama,  the list of inspiring figures in black history goes on, but how much do our pupils know about their achievements?


October is Black History Month, the time of year when the culture, history and achievements of black and ethnic minority communities take centre stage.


In the first week of October, Year 5 have taken part in a fact finding trail containing key information about several significant figures in black history. We are preparing to research further details online later this week and present a fact file on an influential person of our choice for display! Ask your child what they can remember from today's mission! :)

Black History Month, October 2016!

Week 3 and 4

Another fun week has flown by with lots of successes. Last week finished with lots of children beating their big maths clic and learn it scores 



Big Maths - improved score

This week started with a new beat the teacher challenge. This time it was a target game - it was a close match with it having to go to sudden death! The pressure was on but the teachers won (again). Who will be the winner of the next challenge - remember only those that read three times can take on the teachers. 


We we have also continued to have fun panning for gold, investigating irreversible and reversible changes as well as playing teacher,s revenge! 


Lots of effort has gone in to the first set of topic related homework. It has been wonderful seeing all that has been completed so far. Lots to now be displayed for all to see. Keep it up! Looking forward to the next set being handed in. 


Looking forward to to our innovate week πŸ˜€ 


We finished last week with our beat the teacher challenge. All those who have read three times were given the chance to play against the teacher. Well done to the first one to play - it was a win to the teachers. Good luck to everyone next week. 

Another week has flown by - we have seen a fountain of gold! The weather managed to stay enough for us all to go on a walk to the woods to find portals. Lots were found and created. We have also been introduced to the book 'The Hobbit'.  In Science we tested materials to see if they conducted electricity. As well as all that we have been writing our rap to persuade the gatekeeper to let us in. Look out for these recordings next week. 






Our first week


Welcome to year 5 


What a wonderful start to our new year. We have started our new topic 'Alchemy Island',with a special visitor, who set us upon our quest. Having then gone on to investigate all the materials found on the island and clean murky water from the bottomless well. Also we have created our own music to set the scene for our adventure. So many more challenges to still go on. 


The sun has been shining when completing our daily mile ( hope it continues). Lots of red faces and smiles have been seen during the laps (including the teachers). 

 We are now settled in our new routines and looking forward to our trip to the woods where we will discover some hidden portals. 






In Y5, we will be continuing to build upon our knowledge of secure passwords, keeping ourselves safe online and cyber bulling. Check back over the next few weeks for updates on our work on this subject!