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Year 5 - Mr Benyon


We have been planning various different science investigations towards the end of this summer term, including an investigation into gravity and weight and answering the question of: what makes a good long jumper? Have a look at our photos to see us in action!

Sid the sunflower is enjoying the morning sun!

Poppi the champion runner!


We have been exploring different aspects of e-safety this term and have looked at the importance of strong passwords! We have discussed why we need passwords and how to make them stronger using upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers. Everyone then created a 'strong' password of their own and we tested it on the site below!


We have started our new summer topic, Allotment, with a fruit and veg market and a research session! Children have explored new produce and tasted different samples, including: pomegranates, passion fruits, leeks and rhubarb!

End of topic trip to  Woolaton hall! 

Y5 Stargazer Homework Sheet

Today we have created news reports detailing the trial and execution of Anne Boleyn. Gory stuff!



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Happy New Year


The term has been fun packed and full of hard work already. We have enjoyed the start of our new topic "Off with her head." So far we have written a biography of Henry VIII, painted a portrait of a tudor monarch, researched about all of his wives and discovered what tudor London was like. 

We have also experienced a new game called Pace Ball which all of the children loved.

The first piece of creative homework has been presented with lots of hard work and effort going into the work. This has included a wooden guillotine. Photos to follow.

Today we have learnt about beat and rhythm using boom whackers

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Feel the rhythm!

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We designed our own theme park rides!

This week we have set up a virtual roller coaster in the classroom! We have experienced some of the biggest and scariest roller coasters in the world which made some of us feel a bit sick! 



Welcome to Year 5 - Mr Benyon!


Our Year 5 adventure has begun!


We have started our journey exploring the realms of Alchemy Island! 

  • exploring magical portals
  • fantasy lands
  • murky water samples from the Bottomless Well(!)
  • island maps
  • musical phrases
  • and much more to follow!

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Mad science!

This afternoon the children in year five watched an experiment. Mrs Shelton combined hydrogen peroxide, washing up liquid, glitter, warm water and yeast and the reaction was spectacular!


Friday 11th September


Today we visited Shipley woods to try and find portals hidden amongst the trees. The trip was a huge success and many portals of different shapes and sizes were found. 

Friday 3rd July

Please look at Mrs Shelton's page for photographs from our Minecraft day at Ilkeston School. smileyno

Mummy Making!

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Welcome back! I hope everyone had a nice half term and enjoyed the break!

This half term we will be carrying on with our topic work on the rainforest. We will start to investigate deforestation and have a visit from Zoolab as well as a rainforest celebration day at the end of term. 

To deepen our understanding of the rainforest we have decided to link our homework with the rainforest topic. We feel that a more creative approach that includes writing and presentation will allow the children to really become immersed in the topic and maybe even enjoy homework!