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Year 5 - Mr Benyon

We had a great day at Ilkeston academy last week. We carried out science experiments and created our own web based characters using code. We were even treated to burgers for lunch! 
Thanks to all parents that came to our awards assembly. 

Thanks to everyone who came to a performance of the year five production. Everyone did so well and the support was really appreciated. 

We are now racing towards the end of the year but the hard work hasn't stopped! We are getting stuck into our Eygptian topic and creating lots of art for 'take one picture'. Check back soon for updates. 

Year five are lucky enough to be having OAA sessions this half term with the first session involving orienteering. Keep checking back for updates.

I hope everyone had a relaxing half term and have come back ready for the final push. Our new topic 'Pharoes' is underway with everyone really getting stuck into learning about ancient Egypt. 

The play is ready to be performed and we hope that all audiences can appreciate all the hard work that has gone into it. 

Just a reminder that English homework will now be set every week alongside maths homework. Both pieces will be due in on Wednesday each week. 

Another half term has almost come to an end! Time really does fly when you're having fun. All of out plants from this topic are growing well and hopefully will be ready to harvest before we break up for summer. Play practice is going well even though it seems to take up almost of our time. 


Please remember that it is our farmers market after school today. Come and get your plants and flapjacks!

We have our own rockstar in 5B! This is Harley performing 'Proud Mary'. What a brilliant performance from the next star of X-factor! 


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I hope everybody had a brilliant Easter break and you are all now feeling refreshed and ready for a new term. Our topic this term is Allotment  and we plan on spending lots of time planting, growing and studying a wide variety of fruit and veg. We will also be holding our own farmers market to sell things we have produced at school so watch this space for dates. 

End of term spaced theme clue hunt

Again, another very busy week! We have written newspaper reports about the moon landings in English and we have also be working with decimal numbers in maths. Our afternoons have been very scientific with various space and forces themed investigations taking place. 


For parents,


If your child has been placed on a new book band, please inform us of any difficulties that have arisen (a note in their organiser is fine). 

Prepare for lift off! How have we arrived at spring term already?! Our new topic 'stargazers' has started with a bang with an excellent trip to the space centre in Leicester. A big thank you to all the parents who helped out. 

Since the trip we have been really busy with expanding our knowledge of the planets and solar system as well as creating large pictures of the planets for our classroom display. Towards the end of this week we will be carrying out some investigations on gravity so check back for our results. 

Another half term has passed us by with everyone really enjoying the topic 'off with her head'. Our innovate week ended with us recreating the trial of Anne Boleyn in the council chambers. After a democratic vote, Anne was found to be guilty and was sent to be executed! 
Today we have written additional verses to 'Greensleeves' with some even singing to the whole class! 


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Award winning homework. Well done Elizabeth! 

We're coming to the end of another busy week. Firstly, a big thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came in to help with the making of the Tudor evidence! It couldn't have been done without your help and it made the afternoon really special for all the pupils. 


We are coming to the end of fractions in maths. Lots of progress has been made and some have even enjoyed themselves (mainly Mrs Pounder). 


We we are all looking forward to the town hall next week with Anne Boleyn's life hanging in the balance. Will she be found guilty or can history be re-written? 

We have hit the ground running after the Christmas holidays and we are now well into our new topic 'Off with her head'. We have been writing biographies about Henry Tudor, who we have found to be pretty unpleasant, and also painting portraits of important Tudor figures. 


We have started fractions in maths, looking at equivalent fractions and ordering fractions with different denominators. We start looking at simplifying fractions next week! 


Our focus in English next week is riddles which will be lots of fun and surely have us all scratching our heads. 

Thanks to everybody who came to the carol concert. The children did really well and we think the school looked fantastic! Don't forget it's Christmas jumper day tomorrow! 


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A very busy couple of weeks! This week was our innovate week and as the pictures below show we made egg drop rides. There were some eggcellent ideas and all of the rides were brilliantly decorated. It was a good way to let of some steam after a week of assessment in which everybody did really well. Carol practices have been stepped up a gear in preparation for the 'carols around the tree' event next week and we look forward to seeing everybody who can make it. 
We are racing towards Christmas and as always extremely busy. We have been writing narratives in English and using the formal written method for division in maths. We have also created rides with spinning mechanisms out of Kinex. We are carrying out this terms tests for English and maths over the next week so make sure you have a big breakfast before school! 
Another busy week! It's anti bullying week and we have been coming up with catchy slogans- pictures to follow. We have carried out scientific investigations focused on friction, water resistance and air resistance. We have also carried out design work creating advertising posters for our favourite theme parks. Next week will carry out more science experiments and continue with gymnastics in P.E.

The end of another busy week. We have carried out scientific investigations, learned about our sole birds and some of us have been riding our bikes around the local roads. It's anti bullying week next week and we kicked that off with a play this week that everybody enjoyed. Square and cube numbers have been studied in maths as well as multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. We're all looking forward to another busy week next week. 


Today we're working on algorithms and thinking about robotics. We have used symbols to write instructions on how to stack cups in a pattern and it has been extremely tricky!
We've been extremely busy on our first week back. We have performed poems in English and looked at multiplication in maths. We have also learned about centripetal force in science. 

Scream Machine!

After half term, we will be getting to grips with our next topic: Scream Machine!! Watch out for pictures and updates as we experience hair-raising rides and the excitement and thrill of all things fairground! Before the holiday, we took part in a museum workshop where we found out about the history of our very own Ilkeston Charter Fair. The final Friday of term was a trip to the fair where we experienced the sights, sounds and tastes of the fair!

Get safe online.

We have looked at staying safe online this week reminding ourselves that passwords are like pants and how to write a secure password. 

We have spent time this week designing and making board games. Parents came to school to test prototypes (with some getting quite competitive) and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Once the games were completed we all got a chance to pitch our ideas to the dragons with some teams managing to secure investment. 
We're busy designing and making board games for our 'innovate' week. There have been so loads of fantastic ideas and everyone is working really hard in preparation for going in front of the dragons. 

We seem to be racing towards half term at a rate of knots. Another busy week has seen us hunting for gems in the playground and learning about inspirational people for black history month. We have carried out a scientific investigation where we learnt about saturated solutions and also learned about cinquain Poems in English. 


Black History Month, October 2016:

Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Mary Seacole, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama,  the list of inspiring figures in black history goes on, but how much do our pupils know about their achievements?


October is Black History Month, the time of year when the culture, history and achievements of black and ethnic minority communities take centre stage.


In the first week of October, Year 5 have taken part in a fact finding trail containing key information about several significant figures in black history. We are preparing to research further details online later this week and present a fact file on an influential person of our choice for display! Ask your child what they can remember from today's mission! :)

Black History Month, October 2016!

Almost another week gone and as always it's been extremely busy! We have been panning for gold and making simple plastic polymers from milk and vinegar in science. We have continued our work on 'The Hobbit' and produced some excellent written work. Our focus in maths has been mental addition and subtraction with everyone enjoying the challenge. We will be going gem hunting next week so visit again for updates and photos.


Another busy week in year 5! We have been walking in Shipley woods looking for natural portals and watching Mrs Shelton carry out explosive scientific experiments. We have been writing rap music with videos to follow so make sure you keep your eyes peeled! We have also been listening to the 'The Hobbit' and thinking carefully about what makes a good story opener. 


Welcome to year 5!

We have made a fantastic start to the year with lots being achieved already. We have started a new topic called Alchemy Island and carried out scientific investigations and created music. We have been keeping fit by running the daily mile and doing athletics in p.e. We have also improved our map reading skills by learning six digit grid references- something we all enjoyed! 


In Y5, we will be continuing to build upon our knowledge of secure passwords, keeping ourselves safe online and cyber bulling. Check back over the next few weeks for updates on our work on this subject!