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Year 5 - Miss Robinson

Welcome to 5R!

Sunny the Sunflower!

This term, we are having a Sunflower Competition. After a tricky start, he is now beginning to flower in his new pot outside! Have a look at the final picture before the holidays. 5R have done a fab job!

End of Term Fun!

Our last few days have been spent enjoying lots of different activities in the sunshine. Year 5 have completed a Maths trail, created their own Boot Camp fitness circuits and even held a paper aeroplane competition! We have played a variety of sports across at the local field and have enjoyed ending the year together. I'd just like to say how proud we've all been of Year 5 since September. Everyone has put in immense effort this year and have come so far. You should all be very very proud! Happy Holidays!!!


We have been planning various different science investigations towards the end of this summer term, including an investigation into gravity and weight and answering the question of: what makes a good long jumper? Now we have also looked into which material makes the best insulator. Have a look at our photos to see us in action!

Minecraft Day at OIEA!

Friday 8th July-Year 5 had a wonderful day experiencing different lessons with exciting new equipment! We had a go at creating our own character using coding and net making, making a key ring in DT and creating slime in science!

Den Day 2016!

We have been participating in Save The Children's national Den Day to raise awareness and money to help make life better for children around the world! The class brought in materials and a donation and spent the morning constructing a classroom den and learning about the difficulties faced in different continents.

Time Traveller!

We have started our next new and exciting topic: TIME TRAVELLER! Watch this space for new posts and updates on our work on travelling through time, looking at our own pasts, presents and futures and researching our family histories!


We have started the first week back with learning about the lives of several very kind visitors to our school. Pupils explored the differences between their experiences and their own and asked about the changes they have experienced in the world around them.


We have been exploring different aspects of e-safety this term and have looked at the importance of strong passwords! We have discussed why we need passwords and how to make them stronger using upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers. Everyone then created a 'strong' password of their own and we tested it on the site below!


We have now also looked at what is meant by 'spam' in an email inbox and what to do with these types of messages (the chances are you have not actually won £500!!).


Here are a few words of wisdom from 5R!:


'Don't open suspicious mail as it could contain  virus.'

'It would take 1 nanosecond to hack a password such as 123.'

'Passwords must be safe-use things such as characters and capital letters.'

'Never give out your personal details.'

'Don't be mistaken by the internet, it can be a bad place as well as good!'


The Daily Mile!

Year 5 are leading the way for The Daily Mile at Granby! Every pupil will be walking/jogging/running a mile each day and we are excited to see how the classes will find it :)

For more information, please visit:

The Daily Mile!

'Grandad's Garden' poem recital :)

Still image for this video

'The Glory of the Garden' poem recital :)

Still image for this video


We started our new summer topic, Allotment, with a fruit and veg market and a research session! Children explored new produce and tasted different samples, including: pomegranates, passion fruits, leeks and rhubarb!

We began our narrative plans whilst working outside in the glorious sunshine! Everybody was inspired to write fantastic smilies, metaphors, examples of personification and examples of effective vocabulary!

We have now also dissected a variety of flowers, identifying and labelling the different parts 🌷🌸

World Book Day! Thursday 3rd March 2016

To celebrate World Book day this year, we arranged a class swap, where our Y5s paired up with a Y4 pupil and shared a favourite book! It was lovely to see lots of discussion and enjoyment around different books. Here are a few photos of our time together:



This term, we are blasting off into space. During this topic, the class have created some superb free verse poetry about the experience of being in space. We were impressed with their sentence structure and vocabulary! We have also looked at designing our own space buggy which could work on the moon, investigated the order and properties of the planets and investigated different constellations and astronauts! Science experiments have also led us to investigate crater impacts and which spherical object caused the greatest one from which height! We ended the week before the holidays with an Easter/space themed anagram hunt!


To bring this topic to an exciting end, we have worked in teams to develop our own rocket ready to launch! Photos have been added of the test day!

Off With Her Head!!


The new year began with a brand new topic all about the exciting times of the Tudors! For the first part of our topic, we delved into the past of King Henry VIII to discover whether his orders to behead his wife, Anne Boleyn, were justified or not...


We have looked at: biographies, riddles, reports, portraits, timelines, family trees and much much more!


To complete our topic, we took a trip to the town 'courtroom' and held a trial between Henry and Anne. The year group put forward key questions and evidence and did so brilliantly in a courtroom style!



Our last curriculum topic has been all about fairgrounds and theme parks, fun and excitement! During the Christmas term, we have looked at ride-themed poetry, dialogues, forces at work on a roller coaster, the design and technology of the carriages themselves and much, much more. Check back regularly for updates and photos as we sit back... buckle up... and ride the SCREAM MACHINE!


We have also looked at conducting investigations into friction and air resistance, tried our creativity at radio adverts and have now begun designing and creating our own DROP RIDES! Each group will be given two uncooked eggs to strap in and their challenge is to create a ride which leaves the eggs unbroken! We will see how many survive the test drop...

Anti-bullying Week 2015, 'Make a Noise About Bullying!'


Our Year 5 adventure has begun!


We started our journey exploring the realms of Alchemy Island! 

  • exploring magical portals
  • fantasy lands
  • murky water samples from the Bottomless Well(!)
  • island maps
  • musical phrases
  • and much more to follow!


We have now navigated our way across the island using 6 figure co-ordinates, experienced some amazing musical raps and learnt some fantastic facts about GOLD! Pupils have written a report on their findings to submit to the Alchemist himself. Will they be accepted?...


In the final week of term we became entrepreneurs and designd our own board game based on Alchemy Island!




Our class has had the opportunity to explore their musical talents with Boomwhackers and other instruments! Boomwhackers are played by (gently!) striking your hand, thigh, table or floor.


Look who's BEAT THAT this week! :)