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Year 4 - Miss Marshall

Welcome tClass 4Ma!

Den Day!



As part as a fun and engaging start to our new topic, Blue Abyss, 4Ma went to The Deep in Hull on Tuesday 14th June. We all had a great time and enjoyed looking at the different sea creatures!

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Multi-faith Week - Week commencing 6th June


As part of multi-faith week year 4 learnt about the religion Hinduism. Throughout this week we looked at the different beliefs, festivals and gods, and how they are different and similar to other world religions. As part of this week 4Ma, with the rest of year 4, attended a workshop about the customs and traditions of a Hindu wedding. Take a look at the pictures and videos below! :) 


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Within class we have been discussing the importance of e-safety and how we can ensure we stay save on the internet. The children came up with fantastic ideas of how to stay save and how to deal with different problems and scenarios.


Whilst learning about e-safety the children also undertook an activity where we looks at strong password. Throughout this session we discussed what makes a strong password and why we need to ensure that are strong and protected. The children then had the challenge to see who could create the strongest password in the class. We tested how secure the passwords would be using the site below. 


Our class winner was Aaron who produced the most secure password - well done!


Coming to 4Ma in Summer 2!

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Summer Term 1 - Misty Mountain Sierra!

Today in Math we created our own pictograms. In pairs we collected data by looking at the amount of smarties in each tube. Once we had organised the smarties into colours, we completed our pictograms, drawing one circle for every two smarties. We then had to answer questions based on the results of our pictogram. It was only fair that we finished off the lesson by eating the smarties! 

Wednesday 25th May 2016 - Creating our own Pictograms in Math!

Week Commencing 9th May


This week for our innovate week 4Ma have been working in groups to make volcanoes. All groups worked very hard to construct their structures using cardboard and paper. We then had the opportunity to get rather messy as we covered our structures in paper mache, which the children loved! Once dry, the children then finished off their volcanoes by painting mountain like colours on top of the paper mache and using tissue paper for lava! Take a look at the pictures to our masterpieces :)

Innovate Week - Creating Volcanoes!

Wednesday 27th April 2016


This morning 4Ma replanted our class sunflowers, Dippy and Dopey, into bigger pots so they can grow bigger and stronger. The children have loved watching them grow so far, even though it was touch and go for Dippy as Miss Marshall accidentally snap him in half. However, after attending the sunflower hospital and being sellotaped back together Dippy has made a miraculous recovery and has still been growing! 

Replanting our class sunflowers 'Dippy' and 'Dopey'


Tuesday 1st March 2016



As part of our topic, Playlist, the children in 4Ma have had the opportunity to use a website called incredibox to compose and record their own song. Have a listen and see what you think of the music they have created! 

Megan and Ema's Incredibox Track!

Charlotte and Maisie's Incredibox Track!

Josh and Caoilainn's Incredibox Track!

Ayanda and Alex's Incredibox Track!

Aaron and Lily's Incredibox Track!

Marcus and Elliott's Incredibox Track!

Sinead and Elizabeth's Incredibox Track!

Alfie and Matthew's Incredibox Track!

Jamie and Jonathan's Incredibox Track!

Frank and Antony's Incredibox Track!

Dylan and Levi's Incredibox Track!

Oscar and Harry's Incredibox Track!


As part of our new topic: playlist, we took part in our engage experience on the 22nd February by having a theatre experience. The children received a theatre ticket and programme for Shrek the musical. We then gathered as a year group and watched the show with special treats such as popcorn and ice cream!

What a fantastic morning!

playlist engage- Shrek the Musical


This half term our classroom has been transported to a world of witchcraft and wizardy. Do you dare to venture through the bricked wall of platform 9 3/4 to see what is happening inside?

This half term our classroom has been transported into a world of witchcraft and Wizardy. Do you dare to venture through the bricked wall of Platform 9 3/4 to find out what is happening inside?






Professional Chocolate Making! In 4Ma we decided our own chocolate flavours, made them and even designed our own packaging.

Science with 4Ma - Potions

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Wednesday 13th January 2016

Today we look at how vinegar and bicarbonate and soda mixed together creates a gas! Watch the video to see what happened! :)

Tuesday 12th January 


This half term has started with a couple of fun filled weeks! The children are thoroughly enjoying our new topic potions. Last week the children had the opportunity to write instructions for their own magical potion; their ideas were fantastic, we had potions ranging from invisibility potions to love potions. Today all children were given the opportunity to make their magical potion, using a range of ingredients such as; bats blood, fairy dust and dragons blood. All children really enjoyed this engaging experience! Please browse the photos below to see how we made our potions and the finished products.

An exciting half term ahead!

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Adverts to persuade Sir Alan Sugar!

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4Ma took place in an apprentice task whereby they had to work in groups to great a product to sell to Sir Alan Sugar. The children worked very hard to create their product, market their product and to produce a pitch.

The children had a lot of fun and were very proud of their work!

Adverts to persuade Sir Alan Sugar!

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Adverts to persuade Sir Alan Sugar!

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Christmas fun in 4Ma!

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4Ma had a few visitors in their classroom the other weekend, the children were very excited to see that three of Santa's reindeers had visited our classroom!

Autumn Term 2 update!



The children have had a fun packed half term exploring our topic 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile'. The children have completed several different scientific investigations including;

  • Do beans make us windy?
  • The effect sugary and acidic solutions have on our teeth.
  • The plaque disclosing tablet investigation.    

All the children have thoroughly enjoyed completing the investigations, especially the plaque disclosing investigation. Some of the children were very shocked and amazed to see how the tablets showed all the plaque left on their teeth after brushing! During this investigation all children clearly discovered how brushing alone does not necessarily remove all the plaque from their teeth. 




Welcome to Class 4Ma!


This half term we will be studying the topic Traders and Raiders, where we will be looking at the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. The children have already enjoyed an engaging experience where they have  created viking boats out of junk modelling; photos will be uploaded soon. 


Creative homework that links with this particular topic has already been given out to all children. Children are advised to pick one piece to complete every 2 weeks, with the first piece being due this Friday (the 25th of September). I have already received some fantastic and creative pieces that I am extremely impressed with.


Other Information 


P.E days for 4Ma are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, please ensure that your children have the correct P.E kit in school on theses days so they are able to fully take part. 


Please can you ensure you read and sign all of the policies in the front of your child's organiser. This is very important as failure to sign the e-safety policy will mean that your child will be unable to use any device that can access the internet in school. 


Spellings will be given out every Monday and will be written in the children's organisers. Children will be tested on their spellings every Friday morning. The spelling test results on Friday the 18th of September were fantastic, each and every one of your children should be very proud of their score!


It is very important to hear your child read on a regular basis, therefore the school asks that an adult hears each child read at least 3 times a week. Please make sure if you hear your child read you record it in their organiser as children will not be able to change their reading book unless an adult has heard them read. 


Whilst reading with your child you could check their understanding further by asking key questions, such as:

  • Can you describe the setting?
  • Can you predict what might happen next?
  • What can you tell me about that character's personality?
  • Who was the main character in the book?