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Year 3 - Mrs Allen



Year 3 sure has flown by! Time definitely flies by when you're having fun!

It has been a pleasure to teach you all! It has been a fantastic year :)

Best wishes for Year 4! 

Thank you very much for our lovely presents! :)

Mrs Mitchell, Miss Holland and Mrs Radford 



Today we played Dodgeball against the Year 4 children.

We all played fantastic!

Morning Walk

Yesterday we went for a walk to the field near Shipley Park.

We played lots of games and had a mini picnic! We all had lots of fun! 

Creative Homework

As part of our 'Tribal Tales' topic we were asked to produce some creative homework.

Children created their own versions of Stonehenge using wood, clay and other materials. Some children even used biscuits and chocolate to create their Stonehenge! They all looked fantastic!

Some of the class created stone age paintings/drawings and someone even created a Powerpoint presentation!

Wow!!! Super effort to everyone in 3A! :)

Nature Detectives!

Today Y3 went for a walk around Ilkeston's local woodland area. Children had a sheet showing different types of leaves which they had to spot whilst walking. This was a very fun activity!

Fruity Cocktails!

On Wednesday the Y3 Enterprise Team served 'fruity cocktails' on the playground at break time.

This was a fantastic event and the team were very busy serving the children their drinks! Well done to the Enterprise Team! 


Today was the 'Times Tables Rockstars Red Carpet Event!'

Children who consistently scored full marks on their Times Tables Rockstars and always use their times tables skills within their Maths work were chosen to take part.

Congratulations to Jake and Sebastian who were involved in this!

The Rockstars walked down the red carpet and they completed their times tables sheet on stage in front of the whole school, whilst rocking out to the music! (dressed up as Rockstars of course!)

After the event, the Rockstars went to the 'Rockstar Lounge' and ate sweets, chocolate and crisps! They made such a mess, the cleaners had to go and hoover up after them! 



Today was our sixth session of 560 and we played lots of fun games! To get us warmed up, we hopped around the playground, we did star jumps and we also jumped around like frogs! This was a very fun way to begin the session. After this, we played 'Spaghetti Tag!' We had to link arms with the people that we tagged to create a long piece of Spaghetti!

Then we sat down and discussed the differences between takeaways and home cooked meals. We talked about how often you should have a takeaway and we talked about the importance of staying healthy. 

To finish the session we played 'Stuck in the Mud!' 


Well done to everyone for taking part in Sports Day! You were all fantastic!

Thank you to parents, family and friends for coming to watch! 

Multi-Faith Week

As part of Multi-Faith Week the whole school have been learning about different Faiths and we have focused on different types of weddings.

During the whole school assembly, Year 3 acted out a drama of a Jewish Wedding. 

Flower Power!

In Science we have been dissecting flowers and identifying the parts using hand lenses to help us.

Art Festival!

For the past few weeks Year 3 have been very busy doing lots of topic related Art work for the Art Festival. 

Children have made Stone Age jewellery, cave paintings, Stone Age patterns and Stonehenge pictures. They have also helped make a woolly mammoth and a cave man! 

Everyone has worked really well and put great effort into their work! 

Parents, family and friends have all had the opportunity to come and have a look at our great Art work today.


Today was our sixth session of NHS 560 and we played lots of games!

We worked in teams to use our bodies to get into different shapes. This took great teamwork! 

Then we played 'plum, plum, pear!' (this is duck, duck, goose - but with fruit!) After this, we played 'toilet tag!' in which we had to stand in the shape of a toilet when we had been tagged! 

We have also been discussing the importance of staying healthy and what we can do to help keep our bodies healthy and how to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Take a look at our Tribal Display! 

Tribal Artwork 

Today we have been busy creating Tribal cave paintings and we have also designed Stone Age patterns. Everyone's artwork looked fantastic! 


Adventurous Stories 

During our English lesson, we looked at adventurous stories. One of the stories we looked at was called 'Charlie's Magic Chalk.' We then acted out an interview using the characters from the story. 


Yesterday we estimated the weight of different objects. Mrs Mitchell then weighed the objects using scales to see if our estimations were close! 

Suzie the Sunflower

Suzie is still growing! She is looking good! 

Tribal Tales!

Yesterday we finished our Stone Age jewellery. 

Everybody worked super hard and their jewellery looks lovely! 


Today was our fifth session of NHS 560. We played 'The sun shines on anyone who...' to get us all active.

We then went back into the classroom and tasted some fruit and vegetables!

We tasted carrot, tomato, green peas, kiwi, pineapple, orange peppers, mango, pomegranate and blueberries! We were very lucky to be given the opportunity to taste this wide range of fruit and veg. Everyone was very excited tasting the fruit! 

Amazing Awards!

Well done to everybody who achieved an award!

Fantastic work! Keep it up! :) 

Mrs Mitchell's brilliant photography! 

Tom's Midnight Garden - A Twist in Time

Today the whole school were treated to watch 'Tom's Midnight Garden - A Twist in Time.' 

We all enjoyed the performance! 

Tribal Tales!

To begin our new topic 'Tribal Tales' we made Stone Age jewellery using clay. 


Yesterday we made 3D shapes in Maths. 


Yesterday we set our beautiful butterflies free!

This was so exciting and such a lovely experience which we all enjoyed! 

Beautiful Butterflies!

Still image for this video

NHS 560

Today was our fourth session of 'NHS 560' and we have discussed the importance of breakfast and also discussed healthy snack options.

We played lots of games today such as 'Whats for breakfast, Mr Wolf?' and 'egg cup, cereal bowl relay race.' We also held hands in a circle and one person from the circle had to run around the circle, whilst the people within it had to pass a cone around until the runner had ran 2 laps!  

Comic Strips

As part of our topic 'Heroes and Villains,' we have been looking at the features of a comic strip.

We then designed our own comic strip using characters that we created! 

Beautiful Butterflies!

Some of our butterflies have now emerged from their chrysalis! 

Dress Up Day!

Today we have dressed up as a Hero or a Villain as part of our topic. 

Great effort everybody! You all look great! :) 

Super Maths! 

Today we have been outside the classroom enjoying the sunshine! 

As part of our Maths lesson, we have been giving each other directions using right angles and the points of a compass. 

Vicious Villains!

Today we have started to design a Villain! 


We watched 'Minions' in the afternoon which we all enjoyed! 


Here are our finished Superheroes!

They certainly look super!


Today we have placed our chrysalis into their net for their next stage of development. 

It won't be long until they develop into butterflies! 

Rocking Rockstars!

Still image for this video
Take a look at our Times Tables Rockstars!

NHS 560

Today was our third session of NHS 560. Due to the rain, we stayed indoors. 

We played the 'cereal bowl and egg cup' game, in which two teams compete to turn the cones over to be an egg cup or a cereal bowl. The team with the most cones turned over wins! 

Then, we had to get into two teams holding hands in the shape of a circle. We had to move a Hula Hoop around the circle without letting go of each others hands! This was a challenge! But both teams worked very well together! Great teamwork everyone! 

Design a Superhero! 

As part of our Heroes and Villains topic, we have started to design our own Superhero! 

Heroes and Villains: Dress Up Day

On Monday 22nd May, children can come to school dressed up as a Hero or a Villain of their choice! 


Caterpillar Chrysalis

Some of our caterpillars have now reached the next stage of development!

Amazing Angles!

Today we have been learning about angles.

We met 'The Angle Family.'

We then found right angles around the classroom and worked from the textbook. 

Historical Heroes

As part of our topic we have been researching heroes and heroines from the past. 


Look how much our class caterpillars have grown! 

A visit from a real life hero! 

On Thursday, year 3 had the opportunity to question some real heroes - our police! 

This was very fun and interesting! 

Story Plan

As part of our topic 'Heroes and Villains' we have been learning about Bonnie and Clyde. 

Today we have planned a story about a bank robbery involving the two villains.

To help motivate us, Mrs Mitchell came in and told everybody to get down on the floor and we acted out a robbery scene to help inspire us with our story writing. 

NHS 560

Today was our second session of 'NHS 560.'

We had lots of fun playing spaghetti chase and stuck in the mud! This allowed us to get active!

We then looked at The Eatwell Plate and got into 3 teams to put different food cards onto the right section of the plate. This was another great way to get active and it also helped educate us about the foods that we eat. 

The wind added some extra fun as the food cards were blowing all over the playground! 

Suzie the Sunflower

Suzie has had a growth spurt over the holidays! 

Cool Caterpillars!

3A have some new class pets! 

We are eagerly watching our caterpillars grow as they move into their next stage of development! 

101 Dalmatians

3A and 3S listened to 3 different versions of Cruella De Vil's song:

  • Selena Gomez version
  • Disney sing-a-long 
  • Dr John's version 

They compared the 3 songs and discussed their responses to each and how the music made them feel.


We also grabbed the chance to have a dance! 

NHS 560

Today was our first session of 'NHS 560' in which the children discussed how we can be healthy. We also enjoyed some fun games to get us active!

Heroes and Villains

To engage the children in their learning, they all had the chance to watch 101 Dalmatians to help identify the heroes and villains and to scaffold our future learning in English and Topic.

We were also treated to some yummy popcorn whilst watching the film!

Welcome back!

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Happy Easter!

3A have been busy making some eggcellent Easter cards and beautiful bunny baskets!

Have a lovely Easter everyone! We all deserve a long rest as we are all egghausted! 

Easter Egg Eggstravaganza!

During English on Tuesday, 3A created some egg characters. On Wednesday, the children then worked in groups to create a short drama sketch involving their egg characters.

The children later performed these and we were all eggcited by the eggcellent results! 


Isobel and Daisy's Volcano!

Isobel and Daisy worked together to make this fantastic volcano. 

Today they demonstrated to the class how their volcano erupts using bicarbonate soda, vinegar and red food colouring.

Wow! It looked great! 

Volcano Eruption!

Still image for this video

Homework Project

As part of our homework project, 3A created some super homework pieces!

They have created volcanoes, earthquake proof houses, written stories and poems!

Everybody has made a wonderful effort!

Well done to all of you! :)

Earthquake Proof Houses

Today 3A worked in groups of four to design and create an 'earthquake proof house' using Lego and K'nex.

They discussed which shape of building would be best and which materials would be the most earthquake proof. 

Battle of the Sunflowers!

Each class are going head-to-head to grow a sunflower - the biggest one wins!

Suzie The Sunflower 

Our sunflower has started to grow!

Look out you lot... We sing to ours!


3A have been learning about the life cycle of frogs.

We have some tadpoles outside of our class that will soon become frogs!

How exciting! 

Happy Mothers Day!

3A made beautiful Mothers Day cards for their lovely Mums!

Red Nose Day

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone for wearing red today and for kindly donating money to Comic Relief. 

Everyone looked fantastic wearing their red clothes and their red noses! Super effort! 


Today Y3 took part in the K'Nex Challenge. 

The children worked in pairs to design and create a 'buggy' using K'Nex.

Their 'buggy' then had to hold a plimsoll and a rubber whilst travelling down a ramp without their 'buggy' breaking or losing the 2 items along the way. 

Everyone worked very well together and all made fantastic 'buggies!' 

The winners were Shay!

Casey-May and Jaden were the runners up! 

Well done!! :)

Foil Models

During art & design, the children sketched and created tin foil sculptures of how they thought a body may have looked like after the eruption of 'Mount Vesuvius.' 

Newspaper Reports

Today we have worked in groups to recognise the main features of a newspaper report. 

Science Week

Can an egg float?

Magically Mrs Mitchell made it happen! (with a little help from some salt!)

Musical Poems

On Thursday afternoon the children worked in groups to perform a 'sound scape' - a musical composition which they performed alongside their Volcano poetry.  


We would like to say a huge well done to Isobel for achieving her Brown Belt in Karate! 

Volcano Poems

After working in groups to share ideas for a volcano poem, the children then worked independently to create their own poems.

We created some fantastic poems and all worked very hard! 


We would like to say huge well done to Lucy and Lola who came 2nd place in their Cheerleading competition! 

Volcano Poems

Today the children worked in groups to share ideas to create a poem. They focused on using metaphors, similes, verbs and adjectives.

The whole class worked very hard and came up with lots of wonderful and creative ideas! They also proved that they could work well in teams! 

Our Class Poem

We decided to create a poem as a whole class by sharing our amazing ideas. 

This is our poem: 


Vomiting monster,

Orange, sizzling lava,

Like a flame thrower, 

Crackling death,

Ash clouds,

Noisy eruption, 

Outrageous beast. 


We are all very pleased with this poem! We gave ourselves a pat on the back! 


Volcano Art

3A worked in pairs to create their own Volcano artwork. They look fantastic! 


Volcano Experiment

During Monday afternoon 3A erupted their own volcano by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

This practical experiment enabled the children to be amazed, but to understand what causes a volcano to erupt. 

World Book Day

As part of World Book Day 3A joined children from Mrs Taylor's class to share stories. The children discussed what they liked about their favourite books and read to each other. This was a lovely experience to share with the year 6 children. 

Land Art

Today we created our own Land Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. 

'Nature Bridge'
'The True Tree'
'Nature House'
'The Holy Rock'
'The Tree House'

Awards Assembly

Well done for working really hard to achieve an award!

Keep up the hard work! 

Tarsia Puzzle

3A solved time problems today in maths by working in teams to complete 'Tarsia puzzles.' 

The children found this challenging but also fun! 



Well done to everybody in Year 3! They all did a superb job rehearsing 'Roald Dahl's' Cinderella. This took the children many weeks of hard work and it definitely paid off!

The performances were fantastic! 

We have lots of super stars in Year 3! :) 

Magna Museum 

What a fabulous way to end our 'Mighty Metals' topic! 

3A really loved their trip to Magna Museum yesterday and were extremely well behaved. 

The four sections: Earth, wind, water and fire gave the children the opportunity to make things work and happen for themselves. 

Wonderful Wind Chimes!

As part of our homework project children created their own wind chimes and they look marvellous! We have been looking at different types of metals and listening to the different sounds they make. To follow this up, we will be visiting the Magna Museum next Tuesday to learn more! 


Year 3 are currently working very hard to practise 'Roald Dahl's Cinderella.' 

Performances will take place on Tuesday 31st January at 5:30pm or Thursday 2nd February at 2pm. 

Tickets will be given on a 'first come, first served basis' - please fill out the slip and return to school as soon as possible to get your tickets. (there is no charge for tickets) 


The whole school will also have the opportunity to watch the performance on Thursday 26th January. 

Peter Pan!

Today the whole school were treated to watch 'Peter Pan.' 

The performance was fantastic!!!! We all enjoyed it so much! 

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Welcome back!

Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! 

We would also like to say a big thank you for the lovely kind Christmas presents!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! :)



Christmas Cards

This afternoon we all made beautiful Christmas cards!

'Elfing Around!'

Lucy and Gracie came to school with their little Christmas elves.

While we were all outside at playtime, we came back to this...


The elves had been playing and had built a tower using our maths cubes!!!!!

Christmas Jumper Day

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

Today children came in Christmas jumpers and gave a kind donation to help raise money for 'Save the Children.' Thank you all for taking part, you all looked very festive!

Christmas Crafts!

Wow! What fabulous parents we have in 3A!

It was lovely to see the children and parents interacting and getting creative. Everyone had lots of fun making stained glass windows, snowmen and angels. They all looked fantastic! 

Thank you so much for attending our craft session! We couldn't have done it without you. 

Innovate Week

Greek Masks:

During 'Innovate week' for our Gods and Mortals topic, we created masks and then each group acted out a Greek myth. The masks looked very bright and colourful which matched the children's performances!


Pandora's Box:

Each child also designed and made their own special box that they filled with pictures of items that they hoped for. 

Greek Pots.

Today we have made 3D Greek pots. We used paper mache to make our pots, then we painted them brown and decorated the pots with Greek style patterns. It was lots of fun! 

Rockin' around the Christmas tree!

Take a look at our photos around the beautiful magical Christmas tree. 

Letters to Santa!

Everyone is feeling very excited about Christmas! So we decided to write letters to Santa. Please take a look at our lovely handwriting and see our wish lists!

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

December is here already! We all have our very own 'Christmas tree advent' colouring sheet, so we can count down the days to Christmas by colouring in the baubles on the tree. 

We have also put two mini trees up in our classroom to feel festive!

Pandora's Box!

Today we have been acting out scenes from the story 'Pandora's box.' We were looking at the thoughts and feelings of the characters from the story to consolidate our learning. This enabled us to move forward answering relevant questions from the text. 

Wonderful Wings!

As part of our 'Gods and Mortals' topic, we have been learning about the story of 'Daedalus and Icarus.'

This inspired us to design and make our own wings. 

The Minotaur!

Today some of us acted out scenes from 'The Minotaur' story. We were looking at the thoughts and feelings of different characters throughout different points of the story. This drama really helped us to empathise with these characters. The Minotaur made some really strange noises! 

We had lots of fun! 

Children in Need!

Today children came in spotty clothes and gave a kind donation for Children in Need. 

Granby raised £278.01!! 

Thank you for your donations!

Anti-bullying week 

This week the children have been learning about bullying. They have created some fantastic posters to help stop bullying. Last week the whole school also watched the 'Sticks and Stones' play, to remind the children to be good friends to each other. 



Greek Day!


As part of our topic we dressed up as Greeks. We painted Greek vases and made Trojan Horses. We also created Greek patterns. We all had a very fun day!

Welcome to Granby Junior!

We have made a great start to the school year.


A gentle reminder

Please remember that our school policy asks you to hear your child read 

3 times a week - this only needs to be a page or two at a time. We then ask that you write the name of the book, and a comment of how they read, along with your initials in their organiser.

Also please remember that organisers need to be signed every week ready for a Friday morning.






ILP Focus Design & Technology

English Recounts, Recipes & Instructions, Nonsense Poetry, Non-Chronological Reports, Adverts.

D & T Cooking & Nutrition

Art & Design Sculpture

Computing Web Searches, Emails

Geography Food Miles & Fair Trade

History Significant Individuals-James Lind

Mathematics Measures & Money

Languages Food Vocabulary

Music Vegetable Orchestra

PE Exercise

Science – Love to Investigate - Which is the Juiciest fruit? (see NC Animals – Humans also to be covered)

RE – 2.1 What do different people believe about God?

ICT- Coding

PE: Multi-skills or HRE

Cookery: Banana Splits



Gods and Mortals

ILP History

English Character Profiles, Diary Writing, Instructions & Commands, Myths & Legends, Character Descriptions

Art & Design 3-D Sculpture, Greek Art & Design

Computing Using Presentation Software

Geography Ancient & Modern Day Greece, Geographical Features, Using Maps

Mathematics Positional & Directional Language

PE Athletics, Battle Formation, Dance

PSHE Resolving Differences

Science – Love to Investigate – Why did Icarus fall from the Sky? 

RE – 2.5 How & why do Christians follow Jesus?

The Christmas Story

ICT- Coding

PE: Gymnastics