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Year 3 - Miss Shacklady

What an absolutely AMAZING effort from 3S for their creative homework! I'm very proud of all of you...not one person failed to bring something in! Incredible effort!!

Today (Monday 10th July) we went on a local walk of Ilkeston as part of our Geography fieldwork. We combined our Science with this walk and explored different species of trees and how they dispersed their seeds!

It's been a very busy week for 3S and the rest of Granby School. 

We had our arts open afternoon on Wednesday 28th June and this was our opportunity to showcase our amazing art effort with all of you! This morning was our time to shine in the multi-faith assembly; we shared everything we had learned about Judaism and Jewish wedding ceremonies. Well done to all those children who either played an acting role on stage or was a speaker to the rest of the school!

Tonight then saw our annual summer fair and I'm sure you all had a brilliant time! I definitely saw lots of chocolate-covered faces at the chocolate fountain and lots of fun and laughter happening outside too! 


Year 3 art display! Well done and a HUGE thank you to all the LSAs that helped tirelessly this week!

Today (27th June) we dissected lilies to learn about the parts of a flower! We used magnifying glasses to take a closer look too!

Today (16th June) we coded underwater animals to swim around our screen! We used simple coding techniques to make them swim left, right and up and down! We had great fun changing the setting of our screen so that our animals swam across the sky and even among fireworks!

Today we watched videos on different periods of History and were each given a job role in our group of what to research in relation to each period. We learned a great deal about the types of food eaten, houses that were built and how families and communities lived and died!

Weekly Maths Challenge!



1. Spell it 11. Double it
2. Draw it 12.    Halve it
3. Count on 3 13.  Times 10
4. Count back 3 14.  Times 100
5. Next even 15.  Round to 10
6. Next odd 16.  Round to 100
7.  Add 10 17.  Partition
8.  Subtract 10 18. Find 10%
9.  Add 100                                           19. Use digits to make smallest number
10.  Subtract 100 20.  Use digits to make largest number



Amazing awards!! Well done 3S, i'm very proud of you!

What a fantastic awards assembly today!! 15 children earned their Bronze Headteacher's Award! You're superstars!

These fabulous hard workers are the pen license stars of 3S so far...more to be given out soon I hope!

Today we made our own Stone Age jewellery using clay! We made fake teeth and bones to form our beads ready to make our necklaces and bracelets!

Welcome back to the last half-term of this year!

Our Topic this half-term will be Tribal Tales; learning all about the Stoneage!

We'll be making jewellery, reading Stig of the Dump and learning lots of exciting facts.


Image result for tribal tales

Those children who always bring their homework in on time, follow Granby school rules and have high expectations of themselves and their work earned the 3S chocolate fountain at the end of the Summer half term! They enjoyed popcorn, sweets and fruit; dipping it in the yummy chocolate! Let's see who can earn it next half-term too!

Today we went on an angle hunt around school before the rain came! We were looking for right angles on the roof, obtuse angles around the door and acute angles on the climbing equipment!


Weekly Logic puzzle 12/5/17



Weekly logic puzzle - 2/5/17

3S have new class pets! We have chosen to name them after famous authors from books we have read. So here's introducing:


Jeff - Named after Jeff Kinney who wrote 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'

Jacqueline - Named after Jacqueline Wilson who wrote Tracey Beaker

JK - Named after J.K Rowling who wrote Harry Potter

Roald Dahl - obviously named after our class favourite author!

Beatrix - Named after the very famous Beatrix Potter who is famous for writing Peter Rabbit.


Our fantastic five will be stuffing their faces with caterpillar food over the next week or so and hopefully we'll have five beautiful butterflies!



Image result for caterpillar life cycle

3S designed and made their popcorn holder today ready for our Engage session! We then watched 101 Dalmations and learnt about the villain of Cruella De Vil!

Image result for heroes and villains 

Welcome back 3S! I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are full of chocolate ready to give you the energy you need for this half-term's topic of Heroes and Villains! Don't forget to check here every Friday for your new Maths challenges! 

Cracking comprehension with a tricky Easter theme for our last day!

Excellent eruptions! Well done to all of you who made a volcano, fact file or story for your creative homework - keep up the hard work!

Logic puzzle 6/4/17

Logic puzzle 27/3/17

Weekly logic puzzle!


The logic puzzle trending on the internet


The questions

1. How many tourists are staying at this camp?

2. When did they arrive: today or a few days ago?

3. How did they get here?

4. How far away is the closest town?

5. Where does the wind blow: from the north or from the south?

6. What time of day is it?

7. Where did Alex go?

8. Who was on duty yesterday? (Give their name)

9. What day is it today?


(from 'The Telegraph News).

3S now have a weekly maths challenge; the number will change each Friday and be on the website! We also used place value counters on the interactive white-board to do a fun starter lesson!

We used our design technology skills to make bodies of Pompeii - we've been learning all about Mount Vesuvius and its eruption in 79AD this week!

Image result for science weekWe're on a week of discovery. Watch this space!


Have you ever wondered: How to float an egg? How to change the colour of flowers? Your superstar children should now be able to give you the answers you've been looking for!

In the word's of 3S - our volcano display is full of Super Similes and Magnificent Metaphors! Our imaginations erupted with fabulous ideas!

Problem solving in full swing!

Well done 3S! Another great awards assembly!


Well done 3S  on bringing and sharing your favourite books for World Book Day!


Keep on reading!




Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We enjoyed learning the art of controlled throwing and catching today during PE, cruel Miss Shacklady even made us run round the playground and do star jumps when she blew her whistle!

3s and 6l enjoyed sharing their favourite books with each other for World book Day today!

3S have been busy making land art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy today as part of their Tremors topic!

3S love collaborative learning! Kahoot is the perfect way for them to engage with telling the time!

3S cracked their problem solving skills today by working in teams to complete Tarsia time puzzles!

Today we engaged in our new topic 'Tremors' by having a talk on rocks given by Mrs Lilley. We then got to explore different rocks and gems with magnifying glasses and our hands!

It's hard to believe that we are half way through Year 3 already! Our new Topic this half term is Tremors; children will be learning all about volcanoes, earthquakes and different rocks and minerals. They will explore what's underneath our feet, explode with excitement over eruptions and uncover the mystery of Pompeii!

3S conducted a marvellous magnetic investigation in science today! We used different sized magnets and placed index cards in between each magnet and a paperclip to identify which magnet was the strongest.

Effie did a fantastic job with her list poem in English, excellent effort!

Still image for this video

Yasmin wrote a fabulous list poem in English today! What a superstar!

Still image for this video


Magna Feb 2017


Today we visited Magna Discovery Science Centre in Sheffield. 3S had a wonderful time exploring Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Below you will find pictures of their day and I'm sure they'll tell you all about the places they discovered! 


Thank you to Mrs Richards for joining us and getting stuck in, it is very much appreciated!

Did you know tornadoes could be made from fire? Neither did we until we visited Magna!

Still image for this video

Tick Tock, Tick Tock! We're learning about time in Year 3 this week and began by making our own creative and colourful clocks to use.

3S had a wonderful time hanging their creative homework outside!

Creative, crafty children! What wonderful homework you've been busy making!

Well done to Jack, Yasmin and Fletcher who can now choose huge books from home or school to read! What an amazing effort!


A huge thank you to all of you wonderful adults and siblings that have helped make our pantomime experience in 3S a truly magical time!


The children have worked tirelessly to ensure they put on a spectacular show for all of you, and today (2nd Feb) was our final production. I'm sure by now that most of you could recite the script and a fair few of the songs...I know I certainly go to bed singing them!


Thank you so much for helping with their costumes, making sure they were in school for each show, and for helping them learn their lines. 


A special thank you goes out to all of the LSAs involved as, without them, we wouldn't have had a show to put on - they make fabulous props, ensure tickets are organised and chairs are labelled and set out, as well as still supporting the classes.


So thank you one and all!

Miss S


So far in 3S, eight eager children have earned their pens for super handwriting! Keep it up!

Terrific Toby proves that practice makes perfect!

Well done Jack and Ellie-Louise - our Super Stars of the week!

We've had a fabulous week in 3S; practicing our Pantomime of Cinderella every day and finding new ways of learning by playing quizzes on Kahoot!


They have been reminded to ensure they are still reading 3 times a week at home and getting their organiser signed and ready for a Friday morning. Pantomime clothes need to be in school for next week please (wb 23rd) and trip letters for Magna should be coming in as soon as possible too please.


Creative homework letters were given out 2 weeks ago and this is just a gentle reminder to please make sure these are in (not before) the last week of this half term - children need to be making a windchime out of recycled materials and getting really creative whilst having fun!

We enjoyed watching a performance of Peter Pan this morning! The children will be writing some fabulous recounts of the story which will be up on display outside our classroom; i'm sure they'll tell you all about it!

Well done Amelia! Not only has she earned a handwriting pen, she also got our class Star of the Week!

3S became 'force' detectives today! Asking lots of interesting questions related to which forces act upon them whilst playing at the park.

3S have worked very hard today, creating sentences to identify the subject, predicate and punctuation as part of Rainbow Grammar.  We had lots of fun making new and interesting sentences with lots of adjectives and adverbs too!

Let's get creative with learning at home!


As you are aware, each week your child gets times tables and spellings which they must learn for the following week's test. Sometimes, asking them to repeat learn them in the same way gets dull and they may lose interest and not remember their answers long-term. 


So, why not experiment with more creative ways of learning them? After all, every child learns in a different way! 


Times tables ideas:


Playing cards - choose a times table to learn (say 3s). Remove Kings, Queens and Jacks from the pack of cards. Turn over one card at a time and say the answer to that multiple (say a 4 of spades is shown, then have your child say 4 x 3 = 12) and repeat until all the cards are exhausted.


Free online games - lots of websites offer interactive games for learning times tables and remember that, as a school, we use Times Tables Rock Stars which they can also complete and practise at home -  (your child has their login in their organiser where their targets are).


Times table squares - print out blank times table squares and keep completing them until a whole one is filled without mistakes!


Use the stairs! Stand at the bottom of the stairs and each time you step up one say your time table - step one say 1 x ? (your times table) = (answer) and repeat up and down the stairs until you can do them quickly and without mistakes.


Spelling ideas:


Stair steps - write each spelling out like you're drawing steps:












Type out - open a document on your computer and have an adult call out each spelling. Write each one down, change the font and colours to make it more creative! - enter your spellings for the week and it tailors games and activities based on those spellings! Some activities are free but I believe you may need to be a member to use others so please be careful.


Word hunt - look at your spelling list and then go on a word hunt; trying to find those words in books, magazines or even the back of a crisp packet!



There are many other ways to help your child learn at home as well as at school, try as many as you can until you find one that clicks! 


So the New Year has just begun and 3S will be working very hard as usual this term. Our new Topic is Mighty Metals - learning all about magnets and forces. There will be lots of exciting opportunities this half term so watch this space! Despite all the hard work, please remind your children to have fun and to relax at the end of their day; getting an early night and being completely refreshed for the next exciting day ahead!

3S raised £24 for Save The Children today! Fantastic effort coming in your Christmas jumpers!

Thank you for coming and joining in with our Christmas activities today! 3S had a wonderful time getting glittery and creative and i'm sure you'll agree that they made some fantastic items!

We've been learning all about Pandora's box in 3S and today finished our own boxes! Well done 3S!

Well done 3S! Our tree looks amazing and it's completely 'hand' made! One child a day will be chosen in our class advent to make a special bauble to hang on our tree, I think you'll agree that it looks fantastic alongside our letters to Santa!

Our cress investigation experiment is under way in 3S! We have predicted that the pot in the cupboard and the one with no water will not grow, but why not?

3S have been in a very creative mood this week! Making green hands for our Christmas tree and finishing their Greek pots!

Perfect penmanship puts pens in palms! Well done to the first Year 3's to get their handwriting pens!

3S parent's evenings have been rearranged for next Tuesday and Wednesday (21st and 22nd November) - your child will be bringing a letter home today (16th November) and this needs to be returned by tomorrow please! Appointments are first come, first served. I look forward to meeting with you!

Yasmin, Jack and Trinity have been working really hard in 3S this half-term and earned themselves a place in Year 3 awards assembly! WELL DONE!

What fantastic work we've done in 3S this week! Ending with Year 5 coming to play Maths games with us!

We have been learning about Escher this week in 3S and all about tessellation as part of our Maths week. 3S are in the process of completing their own tessellation pictures and have really enjoyed making their creations! Maybe they can teach you about their learning at home smiley


With only 3 days to go until the end of this half-term and the Ilkeston Charter Fair on this week, I think it's safe to say all of the children will be in need of the long week off. With the holidays in mind, please ensure you remind your child of the importance of keeping safe whilst they enjoy their time away from school; especially with Halloween coming up - please remind them to trick or treat safely and only to knock on those doors that they know and with a responsible adult to supervise them during this time.


Our first day back will be Ancient Greeks dress up day for Year 3 to kick start their new Topic of Gods and Mortals. Remember, you don't need to spend a lot of money at all; an old white sheet, pillow cases and rope make good costumes too!



Year 3 Curriculum Overview (Cornerstones Units) 2016-17 National Curriculum (from gap analysis)


First half term

Second half term


First half term

Second half term


First half term

Second half term













ILP Focus Design & Technology

English Recounts, Recipes & Instructions, Nonsense Poetry, Non-Chronological Reports, Adverts.

D & T Cooking & Nutrition

Art & Design Sculpture

Computing Web Searches, Emails

Geography Food Miles & Fair Trade

History Significant Individuals-James Lind

Mathematics Measures & Money

Languages Food Vocabulary

Music Vegetable Orchestra

PE Exercise

Science – Love to Investigate - Which is the Juiciest fruit? (see NC Animals – Humans also to be covered)

RE – 2.1 What do different people believe about God?

ICT- Coding

PE: Multi-skills or HRE

Gods and Mortals

ILP History

English Character Profiles, Diary Writing, Instructions & Commands, Myths & Legends, Character Descriptions

Art & Design 3-D Sculpture, Greek Art & Design

Computing Using Presentation Software

Geography Ancient & Modern Day Greece, Geographical Features, Using Maps

Mathematics Positional & Directional Language

PE Athletics, Battle Formation, Dance

PSHE Resolving Differences

Science – Love to Investigate – Why did Icarus fall from the Sky?

RE – 2.5 How & why do Christians follow Jesus?

The Christmas Story

ICT- Coding

PE: Gymnastics



Mighty Metals

ILP Science How mighty are magnets?

English.Non-Chronological Reports, Explanations, Instructions, List Poetry, Recounts

D & T Product Evaluation, Using Research to inform Design, Selecting Materials, Making Vehicles, Building an Iron Man, Using Electrical Circuits

Mathematics Measuring Length

Music Perfoming Using Metal Objects for Instruments

PE Using PE Equipment to Explore Force

Science- Love to Investigate- Can you Block magnetism?

Year 3 Pantomime

RE – 2.11 Why is Pilgrimage so important to some religions?

ICT- Coding

PE: Netball


ILP Geography

English  Recounts, Historical Narrative, Narrative using Personification, Newspaper Reports,


Art & Design Sculpture, Photography

Computing Presenting Information

Geography Volcanoes and Earthquakes

History Ancient Rome- Pompeii

Music Composition

PE Outdoor & Adventure Challenges

Science- Love to Investigate- What is Sand?

 Rocks (see NC also to be covered)

RE – 2.2 Why is Easter so important for Christians?

ICT- Coding

PE: Games Skills – Striking & Fielding (Rounders)


Heroes and Villains

ILP Music

English Biography, Dialogue, Riddles, Fairy Tales, Comic Strips

Music Singing & Performance, Comparing Music, Listening & Appreciation, Notation, Compostition, Rhythm

Art & Design Sculpture, Illustration

Computing Web Searches

D & T Puppet making, Flip Books

PSHE Moral Issues & Dilemmas, Role Models, Good Deeds, Organisations that Help People, Values & Goals

Science- Love to Investigate- What are sunglasses for?

RE – Muti-Faith week- Judaism

ICT- Coding

PE: Dance / Hockey


Tribal Tales

ILP History

English Information Books, Adventure Stories, Fact Files, Letters, Poetry Using Similies & Metaphors

D & T Tool Design & Making, Building Structures

Art & Design Neolithic Art, Clay Beakers, Iron Age Jewellery

PSHE Thinking About the Lives of Others

Science Plants, Light, Working Scientifically

Science Light & Shadows (see NC also to be covered)

Science- Love to Investigate-What are flowers for?


ICT- Coding

PE: OAA / Dodgeball






We have discussed the importance of e-safety with Year 3 since they began their journey here at Granby Junior School. We have spoken about what to do if they have a concern and who they can go to for help. The following websites are also very useful: 


The children are also aware about cyber-bullying and understand that it will not be tolerated. In 3S, we also have a 'worry box' so should your child have any concerns, but not wish to see me in front of anyone else, they may write their worries on paper and put it in the box to be seen by me. 

Welcome to

Class 3S


I hope you all had a wonderful summer and have had a brilliant start at Granby in your new class this week!


Lots has already been happening in Year 3 over the past week; we've all taken the time to get to know each other and our new classes, made new friends, learned lots of new things and have even watched a production of 'Wind in the Willows', followed by our first piece of extended writing!


Friday's spelling and times tables scores were fantastic; lots of children scored full marks in both and you should be very proud, keep up the hard work! Remember to learn the division as well - lots of you now have divide by 2 to learn this week, practise hard!


Just a few things for you and your adults to remember:


  • Please can you ensure you read and sign all of the policies in the front of your child's organiser. This is very important, as failure to sign the e-safety policy will mean that your child will be unable to use any device that can access the internet in school.
  • Please read 3 times a week to an adult at home - even if you've finished your school book and could answer every question asked about it, you may read any other book at home as long as your adult signs to say you've read and comments on how well you did. Your child will not be able to change their book until they can show they have understood what they have read; try asking them questions which show their understanding, such as:

Where is the book set? How do you know?

Why was he/she feeling like that? How do you know that?

Why did he/she do...? How do you know that?

Who are the main characters? How do you know?


  • Remember to get your organiser signed before Friday morning so it's ready to be checked!
  • Please only bring fruit (or money to buy fruit) for snack at break times.
  • Also remember to write your name in ALL of your clothes for school, including your PE kit!
  • 3S will be having PE on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and therefore kit needs to be in school ready for these days - your child will also be taking part in the daily mile and will need appropriate shoes in school for this.