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Whitehall 2016

Our new Y6's have the opportunity to attend Whitehall in 2017 - the residential is from 16th - 20th January 2017.  Bookings are on a first come, first served basis.  Read here for an example of the type of activities that your child could undertake.  

Monday 25th January


12.50 pm We've arrived safely and are VERY excited!! smiley


4.50 pm All of the children have had a fabulous start - they've been very enthusiastic and have all joined in the rope courses, team building and the 'Tyres of Doom!'!!


More to follow after tea......


6.30 pm We're about to set off on our night hike!!no  Everyone's had a delicious tea and are now ready for the fun ahead. smiley


10.40 pm - A fun packed evening.  A night hike full of adventure!!! Three groups taking a slight detour!! Two groups walking up a hill when they were meant to be following a reservoir!  One boot stuck in the mud so the one booted child needed a chair to carry her back!  All had hot chocolate, biscuits and are settled in their rooms ready for tomorrow!


Tuesday 26th January 


7.30 am  All children were woke by a human alarm clock 'singing' (obviously not Mrs Shelton!!).  The Birthday girl had a surprise visit and rendition of 'happy birthday' from the teachers.  All getting ready for a whirlwind day of activities - the trees are definitely blowing!


1.00 pm Morning activities over.  One group still to arrive back from caving.  Great success mountain biking - everyone in the group involved.  Big zip wire, rope courses and leap of faith completed by all.  Orienteering and climbing wall - some great climbers getting to the top!  The adventure walkers are out for the day - so information later about their successful abseiling .  Now having lunch ready for the second part of the day ahead!

Mrs Barker's group: Massive congratulations to Tia who overcame her fears and abseiled off the bridge.  (Even Mrs Barker survived!).  All the group completed the abseil.  See the photo of one of our children being a 'Mud Angel!' and our fabulous lunchtime location!  Indoor orienteering was a success too.  


Lots of success too in Miss Robinson's group today.  One child has learnt to ride a bike and overcame her fears on the zip wire!


Mrs Heath's group: Exciting day caving and getting up close and personal with bats and spiders!!sad  Followed by mountain biking which was twice as hard against the 60mph gusts!  Very proud of everyone in the group today as they have overcome lots of personal challenges, (including Mrs Heath!)


Mrs Shelton's group: 5.20 pm - Just ready for tea.  Excellent team spirit has been seen today.  Lots of children proud of their achievements.  Caving was enjoyable and all the group did all of the challenges.  Indoor climbing wall was completed with skill - all children climbing to the top of the wall.  Leap of faith was completed by all of Mr Bond's team and Mr Bond!!!


Teachers have been seen having a pillow fight - that's what happens when Mrs Barker helps children to make their beds and Mrs Shelton sees!!


Now it's time for tea and then we are off to be Secret Agents!  Let's hope no-one loses their boots tonight!


The Birthday Girl

Still image for this video


9.10 pm: All back from being 'Secret Agents'. What is surprising is that we managed to loose Mrs Heath - and there we were worrying about the children!  Mrs Heath is safe and sound but if Mi5 ever need a secret agent we've a good one at Granby!  


The evening finished with hot chocolate and birthday cake.  We are now finishing with diary writing so that we won't forget about all that we have achieved today!  Really looking forward to tomorrow. smiley


Wednesday 27th January


8 am - All settling down to breakfast - the singing alarm clock was 'the sun hasn't got his hat on' but we will have a good day.  Looking forward to the day ahead.  smiley


12.40 pm - Lots of windswept but happy children (and staff!).  Wonderful biking in the gusts yet again.  Jayden has been a star helping another child who was finding the course more of a challenge and giving them useful tips and support.  The leap of faith and zip wire was yet again completed by all - with no fear shown.  Two groups caving and are yet to arrive back to share their fun with us.  Lunch looks yummy so looking forward to tucking in.  More to follow later this evening.  


Miss Robinson's group have been caving today and have had a practice abseil. 

7.30 pm - Tuck shop just coming to an end, then time to get ready for tonight's activity... 'The woods have eyes!'.  Today, yet again, has been full of personal achievements and fears have been conquered.  


Mrs Shelton's group have completed the leap of faith, rope courses and ridden mountain bikes successfully, but the funniest event was at the end of the session when the children completed the swamp challenge - some managed to get across the swamp but then decided to jump in!!! Very happy and smelly children were sent to the showers!!!


Mr Bonds group had an adventure day walking through Tideswell Dale and abseiled off Millers Dale bridge - all children tried to overcome their fears in harsh windswept conditions.


Mrs Barkers group have been deep underground looking for Trolls!  Only found staff and children from Granby wink but there was a Cave Monster!  All survived smiley


Indoor climbing was yet again displaying excellent climbing skills.  The day was finished with outdoor orienteering. 


9.15 pm - Just having supper - had a fab night playing 'The Woods have Eyes!' - chasing the children and stealing pie trays from them!


Photos above of Mrs Heath's group going on the zip wires, climbing wall and generally having good fun.  


Thursday 28th January 2016


10am - Morning - all up and had another delicious cooked breakfast.  Off on adventure days, mountain biking, zip wire, climbing wall and abseiling.  Great fun last night had by all - children ran around the grounds to find pie tins with numbers - they could then be taken from them by staff to stop them getting points for their team.  Lots of laughing, screaming and 'Ha, Ha I've stolen it!'.


Breakfast was definitely a little quieter as we all took longer to wake up!  But now ready for the day ahead!


Mrs Barkers group have had a 'Ropetastic' but chilly morning.  An amazing time had by all!  Zip wire was amazing.  All completed a brand new and exhilarating experience. 

Mrs Heath's group - Absolutely fantastic day, climbing giant boulders and squeezing through tight spaces at The Roaches, followed by abseiling off the Monsal Bridge.


Miss Robinson's group - Some very brave people abseiling tody.  Everyone completed the leap of faith when we got back. 


5.25 pm - All back safe and sound from another successful day.  All have a healthy weathered windswept glow and now ready for tea.  Great successes at the abseiling - particularly Pyper who overcame her fears and abseiled off Millers Dale bridge.  Mrs Shelton had to sing (not sure if that's what you would really call it - "it's a No from me") for encouragement 'Let it Go' then she did it a further two times!!!!!!!!cool 


Lots of children completed the leap of faith and Miss Robinson too!


Indoor mini Olympics tonight where each team compete against each other - obviously the staff are not going to be competitive at all. 


9.50 pm - Another day is nearly over! We have just finished indoor mini olympics.  The children showed great team spirit and sportsmanship.  Well done to the staff who entered a team for the first time.  All showed great skill at cereal box pick up, loop over under race and fastening of a harness whilst blindfolded!  Children have found strengths that they never knew they had - including some very flexible boys!!  Lots of laughs and fun has been had by all.  Off to bed very soon.  Ready for the orienteering challenge tomorrow and the challenge of finding all the clothes they have left lying somewhere!  Can't promise their bags will be filled with the clothes that you packed for them!!


Friday 29th January 2016


8.10 pm - Good morning - We are all tucking into our last breakfast.  Lots of children have tried new foods and now like them!  Lasagne was enjoyed, discovery that peas taste nice if mixed with sweetcorn, jam on toast is nicer than butter, some children have discovered cheesecake for the first time and now wonder why they've never eaten it before and Miss Robinson has discovered vegetarian jelly - and likes it!


The next mammoth task is to find all of our belongings and get them back into our bags!!  Then off to the orienteering competition.  More to follow later.  


5pm - All children worked hard today on their orienteering challenge running round the Goyt valley - some were definitely better than others at map reading but we all came back!!  Then it was time to clean our waterproofs which became a challenge for some - especially the girls' dormitory that had the forefeit of cleaning the staffs stuff - for having an untidy dorm!sad  


All back safe and sound - tired, but happy and full of stories to share.  A big thank you to all the staff that made the trip possible giving up their time and to Mrs Andrews for keeping the website and text messages flowing as we sent pictures till late into the night.  And lastly a big thank you to all the children who made this week so much fun and entered into all the activities and chores with such enthusiasm and determination to overcome challenges when needed.  Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend. smiley 





Buses are expected at NORMAL home time (any changes to this will be sent via our text messaging system).  The children will come in with their bags through Charlotte Street gates and into the hall.  When they are safely assembled we will ask Parents to enter via the Heanor Road gate (NOT main entrance) and come in via the kitchen steps into the hall to greet your child, grab their bags and exit with them via the main reception.  Whilst we fully understand and appreciate your desire to want to get in as quickly as possible to give them a great big hug we respectfully request your support in ensuring that we have appropriate controls in place to safeguard all our children.  Thank you.