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Morning wake up call

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Thank you to Mrs Stevens for her morning song. She has sent us videos to play to the children, as she is not here to do it in person this year.

Morning. We have woken up to a windy wet scene. It's now time for us all to set off on our fun day ahead. The weather is beginning to look brighter. Lots of happy and tired people this morning - and that's just the staff (well Miss Shanahan πŸ˜€ Anyway). 

We have all eaten well this morning - some have even discovered that cornflakes taste nice, and so does sausages and jam ! 


More later. 

Group E - Another day, another song from Josh

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The woods have eyes

We had lots of fun playing the woods have eyes! So much fun in fact that several children lost shoes in the mud (and are yet to be found), Josh and Luke got stuck and Elliot even had to be carried back  by Mrs Shelton and Mrs Horsefall! The hunt for the shoes will commence in the morning!

But more importantly the staff joined in with their own team, obviously some are more competitive than others. We all had to collect pie dishes, that have been hidden in the wood, that have points on. The team with the most points win. Can you guess who won? 😜. Let's just say the teachers are smiling, not just at the children who got stuck in the bog. πŸ˜‚