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Urban Pioneers!

Environmentally-friendly City! 

To begin our new topic, we looked at different ways to create an environmentally-friendly city for the future! We thought about having electric cars, lots of plants and flowers to help bees pollinate, lots of wind turbines and solar panels. We also thought about how people could grow their own food in their gardens or indoors. We then worked in groups to create our city! 

We also had a class discussion about recycling and where waste goes. Do you recycle? 


Creative Homework! 

We have had some super creative homework! Well done! :) 

Look at our great display! 


Today we walked uptown to look at the different buildings in our town. We then sat down to sketch the buildings. After that, we went to the library to look at books and old photographs of Ilkeston. We found out things about how Ilkeston was in the past. We even saw old photographs of Granby School from many years ago! How fascinating! 

Thank you to our lovely parent helpers for joining us! 

Abbotsford Field!

Today we walked over to Abbotsford field and focused on our senses. We wrote down what we could see, hear, feel and smell. We described this in detail. It was lovely to enjoy some sunshine on a Friday morning!