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Tribal Tales

Parent Craft Afternoon on 12th December!


Thank you to all of the parents and family members who joined us for our craft afternoon. We had a fantastic time and hope that you did too. An big thank you to Mrs Radford, who was literally everywhere, helping everyone :)


Our photos are courtesy of our class photographers. It was our first time so please excuse some of the blurry images!!!


Kind regards

Mrs Dudley :)

Stone Age Sketches!


This afternoon, we have been following instructions to sketch Stone Age animals. I was really impressed with your work. Well done!


Here are just a few of the sketches - some of the photographs show your finished work whilst others show the different steps that we followed.

Lovely Letters!

Today we have been finding out about the different features in a formal letter. Great detective work!


I am going to be a detective now and work out why one of the images is upside down!!!!

Mrs Dudley :)



Dictionary Skills!


Well done on some great detective work this morning!


In English we read a letter from a lady call Ida Moore, who has found some strange artefacts in her garden. She has written to us to ask our help in identifying what they are but in order to help her, we decided that we needed to check out the meaning of some of the words in her letter. We used dictionaries to do this. Some of the words that we looked up are: ancient, artefact and trowel.


We are going to continue to focus on dictionary skills this week. Every time you come across a new word or a word that you are unsure of when you are reading, I would like you to look up the meaning of that word in a dictionary. You can do this at home or use our dictionaries at school during registration. If you write this word in your organiser and show it to either Mrs Radford or myself, you will earn a raffle ticket for every word that you look up correctly.


Happy hunting!


Mrs Dudley :)



 Keep watching this space as there will be more pictures soon.