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Tribal Tales!

Wow, look at our wonderful woolly mammoth and cool caveman! 

We created a timeline! 
We have been looking at the Stone Age boy and have discussed what we think the story is about. 

Cave Drawings! 

We lay under our desks to create cave drawings, using the desks as imaginary caves! 

Cool Caves! 

We have been looking at images of caves and then using our senses to describe what we would be able to hear, see, touch, smell and taste inside a cave. 

Stone Age Outfit Designs! 


We debated whether we think it would be better to live in the Stone Age or to live like we do today! 


Surprise Letter! 

We received an interesting letter from Mrs Kerins’ friend! She found a Stone Age spearhead in her garden! As well as Stone Age sewing needle! Wow!

Visual Story Planning!