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Tribal Tales

Wow! We travelled far back to prehistoric times, using a physical timeline on our school playground.


Soon we became cave people, hearing about adventures and listening to stories through film.


Finally we used tunnels in our classroom to access a network of caves, where we lay down to create cave drawings to recount our day's favourite events. 

Was life easier or harder in the Stone Age? 

Today we have been discussing whether we think life was easier or harder in the Stone Age, than life today. We have debated with one another our thought and feelings. Lots of us thought it was a lot harder in the Stone Age! 

We thought life was harder in the Stone Age!
We thought life was easier in the Stone Age!
Look at our lovely Woolly Mammoth!
We also have a Caveman! 

Cool Caves!

We have been describing different types of caves! 

Bronze Age!

Today, we have worked in groups to present facts about the Bronze Age! 


We have been acting as archaeologists, reacting to an elderly lady who found artifacts in her garden. This was fun! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Today we have been busy recreating Stonehenge using pastels! Everyone’s pictures look fantastic!