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Look at our fantastic story opening!!!

We were chosen in assembly this morning to be the first class to start our whole school story. We were given the character of a cat,a cave for the setting and a journey for the exciting event. Our task was to start the story in just one hundred words.


Here is what we wrote......


Bang! Skittle jumped and meowed. She looked around anxiously. What had made that noise? Peeking into the dimly lit cave, she wondered whether she should go in. What would she find? Slowly and cautiously, Skittle tiptoed forwards into the damp darkness. After a few moments, her eyes adjusted. Stunned, she stared in astonishment at a fabulous crystal cavern where sparkling water droplets splashed into a glimmering emerald pool. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye, she glimpsed a flickering green shape. Nervously she backed away. Should she follow it or should she leave the cave?





Understanding archeologists 

We learnt about the work of archeologists today and you created some super fact sheets about their work. I was super impressed as your work included question marks, exclamations, subheadings, speech punctuation, contractions AND an used correctly. Wow!!!!!

Fabulous understanding in guided reading!

This week we have been exploring the next chapter in our class book. Tranio and Livia have escaped from Pompeii but they watch, awestruck, as mighty Mount Vesuvius erupts.


You have depicted the eruption through fantastic group movies. Well done and a massive thank you to our narrator :)


Mrs Dudley


Still image for this video


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The recipe for good stories..... mixing dialogue and narrative!

Today we learnt how to improve our story writing by mixing speech sentences with narrative. You were very good at it and quite a few of you earned a head teacher's award. Well done.


Here is just one example of your fabulous work :)

Volcano animations

This afternoon we used Purple Mash and started to create animation about an erupting volcano. Here is just a quick look at what we have done so far. I have ad videoed it working on my screen as I am still working on how we export the whole animation so watch this space!


Still image for this video

Super Speech Sentences

This week we have been learning how to write speech sentences. We started by using speech bubbles before we worked on our Rainbow Grammar cards. This helped us to understand when to use inverted commas. Then we put it altogether and wrote a conversation in our books. WOW! It is very good.

Welcome back!

Happy New Year! It has been lovely to see you all and what an exciting start we have had to the term :) We have been thinking about how much we have learnt since starting year 3 and what we would like to achieve by the end of the year …… our learning resolutions. Don't forget that you will earn 10 team points when you achieve one of your learning resolutions.



Next week we are going to start out new topic …….. Tremors. It is all about the different ways that the Earth moves. However, as our class book is set in Roman times, we also need to learn about how people lived at that time. That will be the focus for our Engage Day on Monday.