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Traders and Raiders

Marvelous Market!

Today we sold our merchandise at the Viking Market! This was a very busy and successful morning! 

Viking Merchandise!

Today we worked in teams to make items to sell at The Viking Market! We made swords, bracelets, shields and more! We will sell these items tomorrow! 

The Diary of a Viking Child!

This week we have wrote a diary entry of a Viking child. We all had some fantastic ideas!

Viking Flatbread! 

Some of us made Viking Flatbread for our creative homework! We all had a taste of the yummy bread - it was delicious! 

Toilet Testing!

Today we did an experiment which involved testing different materials to see what the Romans would have used for toilet paper!

King Arthur Story

This week we have spent a lot of time writing our own story of King Arthur. We have all worked very hard with this. Well done! 

King Arthur Storyboard

Today we created a storyboard based on the story of King Arthur! 

King Arthur! 

As part of our topic we will be learning about King Arthur. To help us with this, today we have watched The Sword In The Stone which everyone enjoyed! 

Newspaper Reports

Last week we were looking at the features of newspaper reports. Today we have wrote our own newspaper report about the Saxons invading Britain. 

Super Sketches!

During Art we have been busy sketching Viking Longboats. Our art work looks super! 

Viking Longboats! 

Today we have been very busy making Viking longboats! We have had lots of fun getting creative! 

Here are our completed Viking Longboats!

They look fantastic! 

A conversation between a Saxon and a Monk! 

Following the work we did yesterday, we used our ideas to create a conversation between a Monk and a Saxon. We set the scene on Brancaster beach and the Saxons had just arrived to invade. The Monks approached the Saxons and this is where their conversation begins! 

Thoughts and Feelings

Today we have been thinking about what the Saxons would have been thinking and feeling when they arrived to invade England. We also thought about how the Monks would have felt when they saw the Saxons arriving on Brancaster beach. It has been interesting and fun to put ourselves in their shoes and see it from their perspectives. 

Historic Timeline!

To introduce our new topic, we learned about how the Saxons invaded England. We created a timeline to show what happened and when it happened.