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Traders and Raiders

Let’s investigate!


How did the Vikings colour their clothes?


This week we have been exploring how the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings were able to colour their clothes using different natural dyes and working scientifically we have been able to explore questions to help us decide the best way to make an effective dye.


All the children went foraging in the school grounds to find natural ingredients to make different colours.


Asking questions such as “Does the size or amount of the resource affect how well a dye works” and “Does hot water make a better dye than cold?”, the children designed experiments to find out the answers. What would you predict?



Our results

Whilst reading about the Anglo Saxons we were introduced to the word ‘weaving’. As many of the children were unaware what this was, today we have had a go out our own weaving ready for trading.

After researching the daily life of an Anglo Saxon, the children worked together to present what they had found out.