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Happy Easter!

Another busy and fantastic term in 5R! The holidays are upon us and we have learnt many amazing space facts, seen some brilliant homework pieces (space packs, helmets, astronaut food and several representations of solar systems!) and have achieved lots of things across all subjects! I hope everyone has a wonderful, restful holiday and that all pupils come back ready and raring to start the summer term with out next topic: Allotment! Happy Easter to all! 🐣🍫☀️


This term, Year 5 are blasting off on a space adventure! Look out for updates and photos of our journey over the next seven weeks!


Our first week of this half term has seen the introduction to our Stargazer topic and our visit to The National Space Centre. Y5 have explored the depths of space, researched planets and experienced a spectacular viewing in the planetarium as well as a hair-raising ride in the simulator! Have a look at our photos below.


We have recreated our solar system, using different fruits to represent the different planets and positioned ourselves in the hall based on their distance from the Sun. We then created a display of the planets in small groups using pastels and tissue paper-have a look at the display board below! 


Pupils have written their own myth which explains a natural phenomenon about space. Ideas included: why is the moon white? Why are there only eight planets? How did the sun come to be? We have also written a newspaper report on the Apollo 11 moon landing, written a balanced argument on the debate: Is there life on other planets? and a free verse poem on the sensation of zero gravity!


A further art lesson lesson has seen the creation of 78 moons across Y5, with materials such as paint, pastels and chalk used, alongside textured materials such as bubble wrap and hessian!


We have conducted several science experiments (e.g-Which object makes the biggest crayer? Does the weight of an object affect its fall?) and have calculated how much different objects would weigh on different planets!

Space Day!

Year 5 welcomed their adults from home into school for the first morning session. Pupils dressed up (adult fancy dress was optional) in a variety of space themed outfits and took part in a solar system scavenger hunt and created eye-catching art work!

During the afternoon, 5R began their new Innovate project with the task of designing and building their own rocket! Testing will begin next week...

End of term reward spaced theme hunt

Science Week 2017!

Year 5 have taken part in a variety of experiments and investigations to celebrate Science Week. These have included: role playing as birds to collect different coloured worms and discussing 'why are caterpillars green?' creating a rainbow using milk and food colouring, playing with cornflour slime and investigating which crisp is the saltiest!

World Book Day!

To celebrate World Book Day, our Y5s partnered up with a member of Y4 to share their favourite books with each other :)