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We are all looking forward to our new topic, starting with a visit to the Space Centre. 
We have had a great day at the Space Centre. Lots of hands on experience: reading the weather, looking inside a space shuttle and experiencing what gravity would feel like on different planets to name a few. A wonderful experience. 

Reading the weather

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We have continued to learn about our solar system. Today we have used a variety of spherical objects - including a melon, space hopper, cherry tomatoes and a peppercorn to represent planets and stars on our solar system. We then used the hall to show a scaled representation of the distance between them. This was then followed with us creating the planets for a display. 

We have spent this week writing our own moon myths. Lots of descriptive language has been used and these are going on display next week along with our moons that we have painted, charcoaled, pastelled and chalked. Really looking forward to the final display. 

We are also all becoming fitter - this week we have all managed to run for six minutes without stopping - we will continue to increase our pace and then then length of time. Well done to everyone.


Big Maths has seen even more progress this week. So many children are making progress achieving 10/10 and moving on to the next level when this has occurred three consecutive times. Really looking forward to the photo of the whole class when they have all moved on one level this term.


The reading challenge saw a very closely fought contestant - we had to go to sudden death on indoor crazy golf. All the children were trying to put the teacher off - but they came out victorious. Staff are leading this term one nil- but a long way to go. 

Another week has flown by. Today had started with our celebration assembly - it has been lovely seeing all the hard work the children have continued to do and to celebrate it will so many parents, grandparents and careers as well. This week has been busy planning and carrying out a variety of science experiments, acting out Sir I. Newton's theory and writing our newspaper report on the moon landing. 


Maths his group has continued to celebrate their big maths successes - we have nearly all made one clic level progress😀. Today we have also worked as a team to solve the 'teacup' challenge. Great teamwork and effort. 

Another reading challenge has been played. This time it was snap - which the children won. Mrs Jameson was not quick enough. Well done and it is now one game each this term. Next week will be important! 

What a wonderful morning we had on space day. It was great to see so many children dressed up in various space themed costumes. Thank you to all of you who were able to join us for our space themed activities of a scavenger hunt and painting. The weather was not as we had hoped, but nevertheless we were able to move out scavenger hunt inside. There was some fantastic art work completed and enthusiastic adults and children hunting for clues. 


Well done to the children this week who have won the hula hooping reading challenge. It was an unusual vision of an alien trying to complete the challenge. 

Reading challenge

Big maths

Well done to all the children. We have had a great morning fling rockets. Some were more successful than others. Congratulations to the winning team, who managed nearly 4m. Others were not quite so successful with their missions and did not manage to take off from the launch pad. 


Thank you you and well done for all the homework that has been shown today. 

Looking forward to treat day tomorrow for all those children that have read and completed their homework on time. 

Easter and spaced theme hunt for all homework completed