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Children are taught how to spell using the Sounds and Syllables approach. This is a sequence of five steps that can be applied to any word in the English language (with minor modifications) when learning it for the first time or spelling it independently:


  1. Use a spelling voice to say the word;
  2. Snip the word into syllables;
  3. Segment each syllable into sounds;
  4. Target tricky spellings;
  5. Lock in spellings;


A new spelling rule is taught each Monday and children practise this in class throughout the week. In addition, each child receives a list of spellings to practise at home which is be written in his/her organiser. (usually 8-10 words). The list be may made up of words from the  spelling rule, common exception words or phonics revision.


Spelling tests  take place the following week and are marked by syllable.