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Scream Machine


Roll up, roll up! You're going on a day trip to a theme park to soak up the unique sights, smells and sounds of the fair. Okay, ready to ride? Don't forget to scream if you want to go faster!


Topic homework has been given out today (26/10/18) Please see the sheet below to see what is expected. All children should complete three pieces of homework, one creative, one science and one English based activity. These pieces of homework should have some time and effort put into them and the children should be able to talk about what they have done for homework presentations. 

Our visit to the fair!


This week we have been writing calligrams in English. The children loved looking at this style of poetry and making their poem in the shape of a roller coaster. Take a look at our below!

Testing out centripetal force!

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Today we tested out centripetal force using a bucket and beanbags. We even went one step further and tested it with water, take a look to see what happened!

Centripetal force!

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This week, in English, we have been focusing on our descriptive writing and punctuating speech. The children have worked hard all week to think about how they would feel at different points on a roller coaster, from queuing to actually being on the ride. They thought about the different conversation that would have with their friends as well! Today we put all our hard work to good use and wrote a short narrative, which included speech. I must say how impressed I am with the children's writing this week, what they have achieved is fantastic and they are showing great progress! Take a look at some of our writing below. smiley

Look at our fantastic Topic Homework so far!

Tuesday 20th November 2018


Today, in science, we were investigating whether the shape of an object impacts how quickly it sinks. We used clay to make different shaped objects and sank them in water, timing how long it took for them to sank. 

This week, in RE, we have been looking at Hindu shrines. Most Hindus have a small shrine in their home where they can worship daily. This worship is called ‘Puja’. The shrine will contain at least one image, called a 'murti', of their gods, for example, Lord Ganesh or Lord Krishna. These images help the Hindu to focus on different aspects of God. The children looked at the different aspects of a Hindu Shrine and worked in teams to recreate one, using different materials. Take a look at their finished shrines below!

Tuesday 27th November 2018


This week in English we have been looking at radio adverts. Today, we wrote our very own radio adverts in pairs. The children then performed their advert and we recorded them below. Have a listen to see whether you fancy going on one of the new rides! Once we have recorded them all we will be sending them to Alton towers to see what they think!

Jaden and Miles’ Radio Advert

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Olivia and Syke’s Radio Advert

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Molly and Kyle’s Radio Advert

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Jack and Lonnie’s Radio Advert

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Amelia and Lydia‘s Radio Advert

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Alysse and Kiara’s Radio Advert

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Sydnee and Casey-May’s Radio Advert

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Kacey and Meah’s Radio Advert

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Danny and Caden’s Radio Advert

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Ashton and William’s Radio Advert

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More fabulous topic Homework

Friday 14th December 2018


This week has been our innovate week for our topic Scream Machine. The children were given the challenge to create a ride with a drop, that would have to hold two eggs in the carriage. The children had to make sure the eggs didn’t break and that they stayed safe within the carriage, without falling out. The majority of the children were successful with their egg drop rides, however, we did have a few accidents where our egg characters ended up seriously injured! Take a look at our pictures below! 

Another lot of creative homework!