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"Are you listening, boy? What is twenty-seven plus forty-five? Come on - faster now, we haven't got all day!"


Find out about super-strict schools by travelling back in time to a Victorian classroom. Make sure you're on your best behaviour though, as punishments are unquestionably terrible!


Discover a time when great minds thought new thoughts and ingenious inventors created so many things we take for granted today: the electric light bulb, the telephone and even the modern flushing toilet!  
You might even get to invent things yourself in the Victorian Dragon's Den...


We will research a time when Victoria was Queen and Albert was Prince Consort - when some people lived in slums while others prospered.

Our Victorian Morning!

Y6 are stepping back in time this half term to when Queen Victoria reigned and when children of their age were often put to work! We have experienced what a typical school day would have been like in the Victorian era, for those lucky enough to be able to receive an education, and have written a non-chronological report on what life was like in Victorian schools. We’ve explored the differences between the lives of the rich and the poor and have looked at the jobs of servants in the wealthiest residences.


Our class have also looked at key social reformers: Florence Nightingale, Sir Robert Peel, Elizabeth Fry and Joseph Lister, and how they changed people’s lives for the better. We’ve researched Prine Albert’s death and the impact both his and Victoria’s had on the public before ending the term with an Innovate project: which group can design the best Victorian invention to improve the lives of the citizens in that era?

Electricity lesson at OIEA-circuits with fruit!

Descendants of Queen Victoria-A Royal Family Tree:

Building Model Victorian Slums!

Final Model Slums

Our class have planned and written a historical fiction piece, where a main character is a domestic servant. Was it a cook, a housemaid or a stable boy? What trouble came upon them and was the lady of the house happy? We’ve also compared this way of life to that of a lower-class family and have recreated a model version of a slum town, where sewage ran freely down the streets and rubbish was piled high.

Investigating Children Working in the Mine:

Homework-Victorian Baking!

Different Homework Examples: