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"Are you listening, boy? What is twenty-seven plus forty-five? Come on - faster now, we haven't got all day!"


Find out about super-strict schools by travelling back in time to a Victorian classroom. Make sure you're on your best behaviour though, as punishments are unquestionably terrible!


Discover a time when great minds thought new thoughts and ingenious inventors created so many things we take for granted today: the electric light bulb, the telephone and even the modern flushing toilet!  
You might even get to invent things yourself in the Victorian Dragon's Den...


We will research a time when Victoria was Queen and Albert was Prince Consort - when some people lived in slums while others prospered.

We have spent the day in a Victorian classroom. We have had our nails checked to make sure we are clean. Then we had to write using slate and chalk - which was not easy. We have been had to recite the Lord's Prayer, remember important dates and chant our tables. Then we took part in drill and a Victorian playtime. The morning was finished with a visit from a strict headteacher. 

There was also punishment for those children who were not able to behave! The screams echoed around the corridors! 


A wonderful morning, which has made us all thankful that we were bit in school during this period of history. 

Research on children in mines

We have shared our homework. What wonderful effort has been put in. So much food this week to try and all so different. 

Looking forward to the next ones. 

This week we have been researching what life would have been like living in 'the slums'. Great team work has meant that excellent posters have been produced to show our knowledge. 

Narrative writing

What a lot of delicious food we have all enjoyed. Thank you so much for all the work that has gone in to baking. 
Our final piece of homework - more delicious food and written work that has been well presented. It has been a pleasure to see so much pride and hard work that has gone in to these pieces. 
A wonderful snowy day at Newstead Abbey. All children and staff made a wonderful effort with Victorian dress and lunch, which added to the atmosphere of the day. We all had an excellent day. 
Today we have presented our pitches to some very scary dragons. All the inventions were designed to improve the life of Victorians - but there was little investment made.