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Reading Challenge

We have completed our first reading challenge. Mrs Jameson was chosen to take on a game of Dobble. It was a close game with Mrs Jameson winning 31 to 30! Well done to a close contestant. Good luck next week. 

It is now one game all. Well done to the class for beating Mrs Shelton - it is now one game each. Mrs Shelton was close to winning - but then lost her donuts! Looking forward to a win next time. I wonder what the challenge will be? 


Another win by the children. They are now winning 2-1. It was a very noisy game of hungry hippos. Well done on the success. Teachers need to work hard next week to pull it back to a draw. 
Another win for the teachers. We have now brought it back to a draw. We now need to see who will next week and take the term. Fingers crossed. 

Teachers win! 😀

Well done the boys who took on the teachers at table football. All the years of Mrs Jameson playing with her own boys definitely paid off. 

Looking forward to see who will be victorious on the next set of challenges. Good luck. 

Autumn 2 week 1 

This term has started with the buckaroo challenge. Well done to the children. They beat Mrs Jameson who screamed loudly when he sent everything flying. 

Week 2 

A closely fought contest - it went to sudden death with the frog leap pad. Luckily the teachers pulled it back this week. We are now drawing for this term. 

Week 3 

All to play for this week. Well done to the children who have now taken the lead again. Mrs Shelton was not quick enough this morning to think of words that begin with the letter about a specific topic. Hope we improve our score next week. 

Week 4 and 5

More disasters for the teachers - but success for the children. First Mrs Shelton was awful at pin the nose on Rudolph. Then it was the most strategic game of connect four - which resulted as a draw because of time.

The children are still leading this term. 

New term - week 1 and 2

The challenge is back on. Well done to the children. They have won the first challenge convincing. Hoping the teachers can win next week. 
We have managed to catch up with all the challenges. Unfortunately for the teachers, the children managed to be the overall winners yet again for this term. Well done to them and the teachers are hoping for a successful start and end to next term. 
Oh dear. The term has not started well. Teachers are losing again ☹️. Well done to the children who easily won at operation and beat Mrs Jameson at a jigsaw.