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Background knowledge of the world around us and similar stories help so much when trying to understand a new text....we've been helped out by our Harry Potter experts this week who have been able to fill in the missing gaps about Harry and his friends.


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To support their understanding of what they are reading, the children have used their visualisation skills to draw a part of the story.


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The children have been thinking like detectives this week both asking and trying to answer questions about Alice...


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The children have asked questions and made predictions about this well known character:


How did Alice know the potion was safe?


"Alice had listened to her grown-ups and the potion did not have a poison label on it!"   


What will the potion do if she drinks it? 


" Well, the last one made her taller so this one will make her smaller because she needs to get through that tiny door"

Autumn 2 - Love to Read


This term our class book is George's Marvellous medicine - I wonder if George will ever be able to replicate his mind blowing potion?


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Autumn Term 1 - Love to read


This term our class book is based on the poem - Beowulf.  The children have been very impressed by the battle skills of our hero.  I wonder if he really existed?


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