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Predator Research! 

Wow! We have been very busy today completing different activities in each Year 3 classroom! We have measured ourselves to see how much shorter we are in comparison to Predators! We have researched sharks, bears, crocodiles, lions, badgers, foxes, hedgehogs, weasels and lots of birds of prey. This has been very interesting. 

Fantastic Foxes! 

We have been busy making little foxes. They look great!

Crocs and Fox!

Miss Holland drew crocodiles and a Fox for the display. Children were then chosen to decorate the predators! They look super! 

Creative Homework! 

Wow! We have received some brilliant homework from you all! You have been busy! We have had amazing artwork, fantastic facts, quizzes and even a PowerPoint presentation! Super work everybody! 

We have been admiring each other’s homework this afternoon, which has been put onto our display! 

Look at our fabulous display so far! 

Fantastic Mr. Fox! 

We have been reading Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox story, focusing on the characters Boggis, Bunce and Bean. We then acted out a scene from the book where the nasty farmers shot Mr. Fox’s tail off!