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Happy Holidays!

I cannot believe the end of the school year is upon us already and what a fantastic year it has been! It has been a pleasure to see these 26 young people grow over their time in our classroom and I look forward to seeing what Y6 has in store for us too. Thank you for your support at home with projects, bringing in resources, time spent reading and time spent helping with homework. 

I hope you have a wonderful break over the summer and come back in September refreshed and ready to take on new challenges and journeys. Happy Holidays everyone! ☀️👏👏

End of Year Games! Minute To Win It:

Our Final Year 5 Topic!

We began our new topic with a mummification and pupils generated questions which they would like to investigate over the next seven weeks. We are looking forward to learning all about the exciting, interesting and often gross times of the Ancient Egyptians!


Our class have located key geographical features on a map of Egypt and have created an historical timeline of major events throughout the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. A report into the discovery of Tutankhamen is underway and we have been looking into other famous pharaohs! Other activates throughout the topic have included:

  • writing mystery stories
  • creating instructions on how to carry out a mummification
  • designing and building a sarcophagus ready for our funeral procession on Wednesday!



Homework Pieces!

Geography field trip, Friday 14th July:

Y5 took part in a field study of their local area. We walked around Ilkeston, discussing elements of the area that were positive alongside areas which pupils believed could be improved. Below is a selection of photos that each group took on their walk and collated together. Some suggestions our class had of how we could improve the Ilkeston area include:


  • To protect wildlife and keep Ilkeston cleaner, more bins should be placed on roads and in parks. People could also be put off from littering if CCTV was around more.
  • The council could clean up broken glass in the street to help the environment and prevent people from getting hurt.


Ideas on how to improve the amount of graffiti in the area included:


  • The community could help paint over the graffiti, you could go to a neighbourhood watch meeting to get people on board!
  • Community service projects could include tidying it up.
  • I think they should get rid of all the bad graffiti and keep all the good because some of it is a work of art!

Y5 OAA Morning Sessions!

During this half term, our year group is lucky enough to be able to experience 6 weeks of OAA activities which are being led by Ms Godridge as part of our partnership with Erewash School Sports. Have a look below at what we have been up to!


We are experiencing 6 weeks worth of PACE (Physically Active Children in Erewash) lessons and have so far looked at healthy eating, body image, the importance of exercise and gave addressed misconceptions around these. We will be looking at how to get a quality nights sleep along with other aspects of a healthy lifestyle!

Minecraft Day at OIEA!

On the 29th June, Year 5 had a wonderful day experiencing different lessons at OIEA. We had a go at creating our own character using 3D nets, baking cookies, creating an image using a new oil pastel technique and creating slime in science! Ask your child what they learnt today :)