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End of topic


We have now finished our last topic for year five with a funeral procession! A great end to a wonderful year. Hope everyone has a great summer. 

A wonderful Minecraft Day at Ilkeston School. We have looked at nets and their properties, made cookies, made pictures in art, used IT and made slime. We'll don even to all the children for making it such a successful day. 

The weeks are just flying by. A huge congratulations to all the children on their achievements during the play. All the hard work definitely paid off. It was great to share so many achievements at our last year 5 awards assembly. It just reminds us all how hard we have all worked this year, and we still have a few weeks left. Really looking forward to our day at Ilkeston on Thursday. 


We we have all produced some excellent art work for the arts festival on Wednesday. Please try and come to see all that we have produced. 

Y5 OAA Morning Sessions!

During this half term, our year group is lucky enough to be able to experience 6 weeks of OAA activities which are being led by Ms Godridge as part of our partnership with Erewash School Sports. Have a look below at what we have been up to!

Our first week has been filled with our first performance of our play with an audience and the introduction to our topic. We are looking forward to our adults coming to watch next week. 
Our topic has begun with our memorable event. Today we have seen a mummification! The brain was removed, along with the organs. The body was then stuffed and wrapped in bandages. Fortunately the smell was not too bad! 

Memorable event